Protein for a lean body

Protein for a lean body

Protein is like a fuel for the body. It is the building block for the body to function correctly. Protein is something essential for the body, it energises the body and makes the body fit. There are many protein powders available in the market. With a good intake of protein in the body, the hair and nails grow good and strong. Protein is also good for the skin, blood and cartilage as it helps in building all of the above mentioned.   

What is a lean body or a lean muscle?

Muscle mass is the primary goal of weightlifting and bodybuilding. Muscle not only provides strength and power but also a visible of health and shows a well-toned physique. Every athlete’s primary goal is to have a lean body and with a lean muscle mass without fat. There are various lean mass gainer protein that available in the market. It gives the body the right amount of protein that a bodybuilder needs.

Lean muscle mass is a concept related to lean body mass which the content of body minus fat. Lean mass is that which is gained without the corresponding addition of fat or that which is after the fat has shed. Not only do you have to exercise but also the intake of lean mass gainer protein is essential. For bodybuilders, they seek to increase or gain their muscle in their body without gaining fat or weight. This is difficult as the body either adds mass to the body or breaks down the mass in the body. The excessive calories are stored as fat and not as muscles.

How does protein powder work for a lean muscle?

Protein powders that are available in the market are mostly fat-free and gluten-free and therefore when the protein is consumed a person does not gain weight. The protein consists of powdered forms of a protein of soy, pea or dairy. The protein powder can be mixed with either water or milk; it is a smoothie or a milkshake. The people who go or buy protein powders are athletes or bodybuilders or the ones who give their body the right amount of protein without any weight gain. If the protein powder is taken in the right amount with lower GI carbs, it results in weight loss for those who intend on losing weight with protein shakes.

The best time to consume protein


  • Pre-workout: When taking protein before the workout will create positive nitrogen balance in the body. It also stimulates the body by stimulating the protein synthesis and increases the muscle.


  • In the morning: The glycogen level lowers down in the body during the night, and therefore the body forces the amino acids to turn to power metabolic process.
  • Post-workout: The protein intake after workouts is essential, as the muscles absorb more protein. Therefore it is important to take protein at the right time and in the right amount in order to grow the muscles and have a lean body. It has great nutritional value and excellent health benefits.



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