Question You Must Ask In Finding A Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are the ones who assist the buying or selling party of real estate property. They are employed globally as they are knowledgeable about local laws to facilitate the buying or selling process. Also, they are experts in this field and act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller’s party by fostering negotiation on their behalf. 

Real estate agents are responsible for looking for the property which will match the requirement of their client. Therefore, one needs to choose a licensed real estate agent attentively who will make the investment worthwhile. As per the Nobul reviews, given by the customers, this online platform is providing valuable assistance by finding a real estate agent depending upon the qualifications, knowledge, experience, pricing, and services. We recommend going through Nobul to make your search easier.

Five Important Questions to Be Asked

When a licensed real estate agent like Bloomberg is providing guidance and assistance throughout the whole buying and selling process, people can save thousands on their transactions. But before choosing an agent for the property, one should ask the following questions to assure themselves.

  • How long are they in this profession?

By asking this question, people clear most of their doubts. With this question, they come to know how much they are experienced in this profession. One can assess how they will be anticipating issues. Experienced agents have comparatively more skills and the ability to manage deals profitably. 

  • Do they work for both the buyer and seller parties?

Some agents are experts in handling either buyer party or seller party. Finding an agent who can work for both parties will be more beneficial as they can offer good insight on either side.

  • Can they show their real estate license?

It is needed to ensure that the agent is well trained and accredited professional or not. This will be a good question to ask to check their authenticity and to prevent scamming. Also, agents should be prepared to show their proof whenever required. 

  • Can they tell you about their List-to-Sell Ratio?

The List-to-sell ratio refers to the percentage obtained when the final sale price is divided by the last list price. Sellers may want a list-to-sell ratio around 103%, while buyer’s preferences would be about 90%. This ratio depends on the market value and location of the property.

  • How long will they take to accomplish the whole process?

Real estate agents sometimes assist the buyer party to get their home immediately. Asking this question will help to find how long they work with buyers. Also, one can examine how long it will take from choosing a house to the final transaction. 


Real estate agents are in a very impactful profession. It will be great to know that around 89% of people have purchased their homes through an agent. Choosing a better real estate agent becomes significant here because they help with their marketing skills, negotiation skills, and technical skills to facilitate better deals. Also, they are experts in managing the transaction between the parties and guide them throughout the process. Asking questions clears all doubts and queries and would be an advantageous factor to build trust.