4 Important Elements That Must Be Part of Your New Real Estate Website

Real Estate Website

Whether you’re setting up a new real estate business or revamping your online presence for an existing one, it pays to look closely at the features that are included. Ideally, the real estate website should be designed more with customer convenience in mind. Here are four key elements that you want to make sure are included. 

An Advanced Search

On the front page of the site, you want to ensure that visitors can clearly see where they can launch an advanced search. This tells them that they will be able to select from a number of options to narrow down the scope of properties that they will see. For example, they could search based on price range or something like the number or bedrooms. 

Why does this matter? Visitors know immediately that they won’t have to spend time scrolling through properties that are of no interest to them. By being able to narrow the initial results, they will be poised to focus on what they’re looking for rather than having to be on the lookout for a likely property as they scroll. 

The Ability to Sort Properties

Next to the advanced search, the ability to sort those search results further is essential. It’s helpful if the results can be sorted by things like neighborhoods, how long properties have been on the market, and even which properties have been reduced in price. 

Think of it this way: the advanced search creates a list that includes the basics that the visitor is seeking. The ability to sort arranges the information so that the most likely prospects are what the visitor sees first. That saves time and could mean you get a call sooner rather than later. 

An Image Gallery

If you want your real estate website to capture attention, make sure there’s an image gallery. Images that display the features of each room, the grounds, the exterior, and anything else that you think is important will be of interest to many potential buyers. 

While the gallery does not replace the need to view the home in person, it can help property hunters decide which ones are worth visiting and which ones don’t really interest them. That saves you a lot of time as well as the house hunter. 

Testimonials or Reviews

People like to know something about who they’re about to call with the intent of doing business. That’s where having testimonials or reviews on your website will make a difference. The experiences of past customers can motivate property seekers to place a call or at least reach out to you via email. 

Keep in mind that the reviews don’t all have to be glowing in order to do something positive. A review that indicates an issue but also points out that you moved quickly to resolve the issue to the reviewer’s satisfaction could stand you in good stead with the reader. 

There are other elements that need to be included in your website design, but make sure these four are included. In the long run, they will serve you well. 

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