Recognizing If You are Having Transmission Problems

Recognizing If You are Having Transmission Problems

Slow Transmission when responding to shifting

If the car is hesitating and does not go into gear then this is 100% a sign of trouble in the transmission. If there is delay with the shifting into or coming out of park then you should visit the car mechanic or use Audi car services to help get to the root of a problem in your car. Manual transmission might have a similar lag in the response but after the car shifts into gear the engine would rev to a really high RPM’s and the car would not move fast as it normally would. This might be a problem in the clutch or even something more serious. Use Audi car services to provide with you with the best solutions.

Shaking, grinding or vibrating 

The car is meant to run smoothly without any shaking, grinding and vibrating sounds or jolting. For the manual transmissions, if the car is going into the gear with some trouble and difficulty or making noises such as grinding or vibrating in addition to feeling like the gears are grinding when as engaging then it is a sign of the transmission being in need of serious attention from technicians or mechanics which you can find using Audi car services. An auto transmission is known to be more subtle with the signals. Transitions into the gear and between the gears would cause a little vibration at first and then as the problem increases the gear changes would become more jarring and cause some shaking.  You can use Audi car services to check the issue out.

Unable to go into gear

If the car does not shift after the clutch engaging and trying to shift the stick then you should check the fluid level of the transmission. You would have to make sure that you are using the correct type and the thickness of the fluid as well. The root of the issue can be the computer system of the car. If you have inspected the fluid then try resting the computer of the car by dethatching its battery for around half an hour. After reattaching battery the system would reset itself and it could take around 30 minutes for it to reset so make sure to make some time for this. If nothing works, then use Audi car services to help fi the issue.

Transmission overheating of smell of burning

The smell of burning from the car is never a good sign. The fluid of transmission keeps the car parts lubricated and also cools for preventing them from wearing out prematurely and breaking down which would potentially ruin the entire transmission. The extreme heat would result in increased friction and would build up sludge and the potential debris. Often, this might be due to the low fluid levels or the use of incorrect fluid type.