Relevance of Video Content in Digital Marketing

Relevance of Video Content in Digital Marketing

How can you set your business apart, and get your business thriving with the help of digital marketing? If that is the question you have on your mind, then you have come to the right place. Hiring a digital marketing agency and getting them to make a digital marketing strategy can help take the business up a notch, and guarantee you a prime spot in your customers’ mind and your company’s overall performance globally. These are some of the digital marketing services that you need to consider to increase sales of your products and services this year. 

Compulsive Use of Video Content

If you came with the mindset that video is not that great a deal, and you were looking to avoid making videos for your business – sorry, fat chance! Today, video is one of the most popular ways to attract and attain people’s attention. With the help of pre-recorded videos or even graphic videos, you can reach more people through Facebook live videos as well as Instagram stories. This would definitely increase your reach among the public. 

Important Statistics: 

Social media today, through a study, has come up with these conclusions that can help you tip over and begin to embrace video content as a key part of your business. Their study proves that around 82% of Internet traffic in 2020 is expected to come from video content. Around 45% of the people watch at least one hour of video content weekly on Facebook or YouTube. Around 90% of those who watch a video say that it helped them make a decision about a certain product. The study further goes to show that video content has a click-through rate of 63%. In fact, it has 1200% more share volume than any amount of text and image content. 

Few Key Facts About Video Content

  • Video content doesn’t have to be in long-form – the shorter they are, the better its viewership. Platforms such as Instagram accept videos as short as 30 seconds, and YouTube accepts any form of video that is usually about 5 to 7 minutes. However, you could go shorter or longer according to your preference. 
  • Another key aspect of the video is the use of captions or text overlays. Statistics show that about 85% of the videos on Facebook are watched by people with no sound. So, no matter how long or short a video is, make sure to have captions and text overlays so that people may be able to watch it even without sound on. 
  • Remember that video content on Instagram gets twice as much engagement as any other platform. So, strategize accommodating the fact that Instagram could be a good platform to advertise yourself, your service, and your products to people of many age groups. 

So, no matter how much you want to avoid it, video content needs to be tapped into, regardless of how much you don’t want to venture into video content creation for your business. 

Emphasis on Visuals

Every time, reading through stats about adding an image to any content, the response is Greater when it is shown in a visual format rather than just using words. This year, the use of search engine journals calls for next-level visuals that can help one go a step further in procuring more sales. 

One of the most modern examples is the usage of GIF ( graphic interchange format) rather than any static image. Another quick way to jazz up your visuals is by making it an augmented reality image that adds another dimension to the image. Apart from the usage of videos, you could also club together different slides and run a slideshow for presenting content accurately. 

Visual Storytelling

A survey conducted by Hubspot concluded that over 50% of those within the age group of 25-44 preferred to watch more video content rather than written content from the brands they follow. This goes to show that visual storytelling is a form of art that is taking precedence quicker than any other form. It also increases the levels of engagement. 

Conclusively, video content is purposeful content that is growing extensively and taking over as one of the trendiest forms of digital marketing services. Adopting and adapting your business to align with this new trend, can help grow your business multifold. 

Hire a digital marketing company today to start making a quality video content strategy for your business! 


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