Sensible tips for first-time car owners

buying a car

Getting your first car is one of the most exciting experiences in life, and that feeling of knowing you can drive anywhere opens up a world of previously impossible opportunities. From arranging long road trips to simply picking up friends, the buzz you get from being truly mobile with your first car is one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

However, car ownership also brings with it a few responsibilities that you should be aware of. Read on for a few tips you might not have considered to make the time you spend in your new car safer and more enjoyable. 

Remember, buying a car is just the start of an expensive journey
Owning a car isn’t cheap, so you should start budgeting for the extra expense of running a vehicle. From gas to insurance, maintenance, and repairs, the costs of car ownership soon mount up, so bear these new expenses in mind and start putting a little extra aside each month.  

Ensure you always have the important documents in your car
You should make sure you keep important documents like your registration and insurance papers in the car at all times – in the glove box or under the seat are normally the safest places. Also, if your car comes with a manual, you should keep it in the car in case of breakdowns or other problems. If you bought a car without a manual, check the internet to see if you can download it. You should also make sure you know the appropriate tire pressures for your car – or keep a note of them inside the vehicle. 

Work out your go-to, guys
It’s a good idea to ask around friends for advice on good mechanics in your area, so, should something fail on your car, or you need replacement parts, etc., you already have someone you can trust on hand. Also, think about making sure you have the contact details of a trusted and respected car accident attorney in case you should have an accident. While these things might not seem important now, you’ll be very thankful for having reliable contacts when you need them. 

Know how to check your car’s oil levels
Cars need oil for lubrication, and running a vehicle with old oil (or with the oil levels too low) will cause significant damage to your car. Ensure you know how to check the oil and recognize the signs that the oil needs changed. The best time to check a car’s oil is when the engine is cool, i.e., for most people, first thing in the morning before you drive.

Make your ride more comfortable
You should always have sunglasses in your car – even if you have pre-tinted windows as the setting sun can be hugely distracting (particularly in winter months). Another good idea is to carry wiper wash fluid in your car if levels run low without you noticing. Also, for females, think about keeping a pair of flatter driving shoes in your car rather than trying to drive in high heels. 

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