Should I Wear Makeup every day? A Comprehensive Guide to Find Out the Result

Should I Wear Makeup every day

Who would not want to look beautiful? Everyone wants to have a glowing face and so people are all in the race of chasing beauty. People are not satisfied with their natural beauty. They want to look more beautiful and younger skin. For them, age has just become a number. In order to enhance their beauty, they have developed a lust for beauty products. They always use some beautifying products on their skin without comprehending the effects of these products.

One can look younger than his or her age. With the use of these products one can easily hide his or her ugly look. Apart from this advantage, it has some disadvantages too. Now the question arises whether the use of these cosmetic products every day is helpful. Let’s find out.

Harmful Effects of Using Makeup

Using makeup becomes a habit: Sometimes the desire of looking beautiful makes you use makeup every time which leads to becoming a habit and due to that some physiological changes occur in your body. And if it continues for a long, then you may lose your natural look and becomes ugly.

Vulnerable or Damaged Skin: The cosmetic products are not regulated and approved by FDA. So, the measurement of the associated dangers of the ingredients which are used to make the product cannot be determined. Mostly the ingredients which are used are chemicals which may show some negative side effects on your face. Also, it may damage your skin.

Looks become different with makeup and without it: Sometimes the excess use of makeup make your look different. The people who can recognize you with makeup may not able to recognize you without makeup. In that case, they make fun of you, which may decrease your moral confidence.

Skin Infection: Skin infection is very common to all. It occurs on your face when the harmful chemicals which are present in the cosmetics product attack your skin. Due to which some allergies and rashes occur which are very painful and gives you irritation.

Damage to Internal Organs: The cosmetics and makeup work only on the upper layer as well as an inner layer of the skin. But most of us don’t even know that. They believe that cosmetics work only the upper surface of the skin. Basically, the skin has a numerous number of small pores through which the respiration process and excretion process have taken place in order to remove waste products from the body through sweating. During that time, the chemicals which are present on the makeup seep into our blood and damage the internal organs.

Acne and Pimples: Acne and pimples that appear on the face are due to the attack of chemicals by the cosmetic product. As a result of that, your skin loses its own actual beauty and makes you look hideous.

Damage to the nervous system: The cosmetic materials like lipstick, Kajal are quite dangerous because it contains neurotoxin and carcinogen like grave chemicals that have a negative effect on your nervous system by increasing the blood pressure. Also, it brings some behavioural abnormalities in you.

Early Ageing: ‘Too much of everything is not good’ it is a well-known proverb. And it is applicable within this context too. The excess of using makeup may cause early ageing. You may observe fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

After reading the article one can easily get that disadvantages of using makeup are more than the advantages.  According to me, wearing makeup every day is not good for the skin. Natural beauty is always better than the artificial one. But if you want to put makeup on your face, then use cosmetics wisely and in smaller quantities.