Slintel Raises $20M in Series A Round Led by Capital Economics Times

Slintel Raises $20M in Series A Round Led by Capital Economics Times

Slintel, a SaaS-based predictive intelligence company, recently raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Capital Economics Times.

This new funding round will allow Slintel to further expand its services and also to hire more resources whose expertise will accelerate the development of next-gen predictive intelligence solutions. The firm has always been proactive in identifying and addressing the customer’s needs and around this time, they plan to take advantage of the increasing demand for advanced AI-based automation and predictive analytics technology.

The analytics industry has grown beyond its traditional focus towards data analysis and being able to pinpoint customer behaviour and influence buying decisions in real-time. Slintel is now well-equipped to further break the boundaries of this transformation.

With the use of predictive intelligence, businesses can get an edge over the competition. Further, it allows the decision-making process to be more informed and proactive, and customers can also gain deep insights into what they are likely to buy.

Slintel believes that this new funding will help them to further enhance their predictive intelligence suite and to also keep up with latest industry trends, while at the same time providing the customers with improved services. The company will be focusing on further developing its self-  service platform for customers who want to implement analytics quickly and flexibly.

We are excited to see what solutions Slintel will bring to the table with the help of this funding and its enhanced capabilities. The potential of this investment is unlimited and is expected to benefit both the customers and businesses alike.

Capital Economics Times Invests $20M into Slintel for Expansion 

In a major investment in the world of data intelligence, Capital Economics Times has announced that it has invested $20M into Slintel for expansion. This strategic move comes at a remarkable time for the company, as Slintel’s comprehensive offerings are aimed at helping organizations make data-informed decisions.

Slintel provides intelligent insights to companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500s to SMEs, in order to drive growth. Their data-intelligence platform has been designed from the ground up to identify customer interests and provide predictive analysis, which makes it an ideal choice for any organization.

With their fresh injection of investment, Slintel is looking to improve their existing services and add new ones. The company is focusing on further innovation, such as the development of a proprietary AI-driven tech stack. They are also looking to add to their library of training resources, allowing companies to improve the ways in which they make use of Slintel’s services.

The investment from Capital Economics Times has provided Slintel with the resources to pursue their ambitious growth plans. Following their product roadmap, they have already begun making strides in becoming a leading player in the world of data intelligence.

This investment is a testament to the sound strategy of Slintel,  as well as the commitment and drive of its team. With the injection of funds from Capital Economics Times, the company is sure to accelerate its innovation and further cement its place among the leading players in the data intelligence sphere.

 Slintel Receives $20M Investment from Capital Economics Times 

Slintel, a start-up focusing on leveraging data to drive sales and marketing decisions, has recently announced a new round of $20M in funding from Capital Economics Times.

This is a big win for the company and a testament to the success the company has had since its launch. Slintel’s platform uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to provide customers with insights into customer behavior and optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

Capital Economics Times saw the potential of Slintel and invested in order to gain a competitive edge in the competitive enterprise data analytics market. This investment will enable Slintel to scale quickly and develop more powerful capabilities. The company plans to use the funding for research and development to enhance the product and expand into new markets.

This latest investment into Slintel adds to a growing list of investments from prestigious investors such as Founders Fund and Social Capital. It also marks the next step in Slintel’s growth in a rapidly changing industry that is seeing an influx of new players. 

The new funding will also enable Slintel to recruit more top-level talent to help drive innovation in the field of enterprise data analytics. With the added resources, Slintel is well-positioned to  become a leader in the field. 

Overall, Slintel’s new investment from Capital Economics Times is great news that will not only bring a competitive edge to the company, but also elevate their position in the rapidly evolving data analytics industry. The future looks bright for Slintel and its customers.