Why Social Listening Is Important in Telecom Services?

Social listening in telecom

Social listening is the crucial process of finding and contributing to conversations about you or your brand online by finding out brand mentions, important keywords or phrases with comments. This works like, social selling, social listening is about being where the conversation is on social media.

Social listening in telecom is done by listening to conversations; you can participate, educate and build relationships with prospects and customers. When a customer ceases doing business with you, it’s not because of the price for the product you have set; it’s because of the service you have provided. If you don’t reply to their messages online, then, they won’t feel valued. Thus, here are some points for your better understanding.

Find the social network you want

As new orm for telecom emerge, it can be difficult to decide which channels you want to listen in on. The easy way to decide is to select the channels your customers are active on. If your customers are aged between 18 to 30 years old, then, you need to start with social listening on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re doing B2B sales and your target customers are 30 to 50-year-olds, then, you have to begin listening to conversations about your company brand on LinkedIn.

Select the social listening tools

To become successful in social listening, you always require the right tools. You will get a wide range of social listening platforms which will offer you paid and free tools that you can use to track, monitor and notify when conversations are happening.

Setting up alerts and notifications

To seek out conversations online, you have to set up alerts and notifications, by this, you can receive real-time updates every time a conversation takes place, it will allow you to participate as required.

Respond to all customer requests

Over 65% of consumers have used a company’s social media channel for customer service. If you do not respond to customer service requests it will be regarded as a customer service sin. So, first things are to respond. If you find a customer service question or comment on social media platforms, then, respond to it as soon as possible.

Handling customer complaints

When a customer goes through a bad experience, almost 31% of them turn to social media to complain about it. If you find such complaint on social media, you need to address the issue as quickly and apologize for sure.

Acquire positive feedback

You will not get every conversation about your brand negative. Some of the best feedback you can receive and it can be found on social media. So, you must not ignore them. Also any engagement you get on social media it should be acknowledged.

Proactive in social listening

This is one of the best ways to provide customer service in the telecom industry is to solve a customer’s issue before they know about it. In this case, if you have scheduled a software update for your product which requires the product to stay offline, is you become proactive, it will be easy sharing details with your audience,

Social listening is a crucial part of customer experience in telecom services. With the help of social listening, you will get a competitive advantage, increase customer expectations and enhance revenue.