Some questions you would need to pose the infertility clinic?

In spite of numerous attempts to conceive, things are not going as per plans. Then it is the right time to head over to an infertility clinic. But it may not seem to be a walk in the park as a lot of questions would be put forth at this point of time. IVF with donor eggs in India is popular but let us answer some common doubts.

Are you provided with a lot of attention at the clinic?

Each and every infertility clinic ceases to be different from the others. It points to the fact that no two treatment cycles are likely to be the same as well. Each couple needs to have a fair understanding about the general treatment procedure. Here your medical history assumes a lot of importance. Hence if you are of the opinion that the medical centre is not matching up to your needs, then it would be better to move away. The chances are that your case might be different and it is quite possible that you might not be given the attention that you are on the lookout for as well.

Are both the partners aware of the treatment plans along with procedures?

Any procedure, injections or medicines will take a toll on your body. It would point to the fact that you have all the liberty in the world to be aware of what is happening to you. If you are unsure of the treatment that you are planning to undertake then hold on and be aware of the same. If you lack in terms of information on the procedures part, then it is high time that you would need a rethink.

In the IVF lab is there a witnessing system in place?

There are certain steps which are important and that would mean plantation of the right type of embryo in the uterus. A patient spends a lot of time and money in the process. So it is imperative that the right sperm and egg is planted. In order to ensure this the concept of witnessing system is being put to use.

As a centre you need to have witnessing system at each juncture in order to ensure that the right embryo is being used. When the sperm is given over by the male partner they should sign the labels. Once the sperm moves from a single table to another, there needs to be witness signs off as well. All this could be done at a manual level or you could rely on technology to do the needful.

It is because of the expensive aspect that in a country like India only witnessing systems are in use. Before you opt a treatment do check with your centre on whether there is a witnessing system in place or not. If that does not work out to be the case, then the clinic cannot be trusted. The internet is the best place to find out about the track record of the clinic.