Symptoms of a Damaged Drain Pipe

Damaged Drain Pipe

Sewer pipe issues are becoming common in most parts of the United States. Research shows that the leading cause of these problems is owing to the lifespan of the pipes. Most premises and residential places in old towns have cast-iron lines fitted over 20 years ago and are incapable of functioning as intended. Anyone in a house with such piping will undoubtedly experience a drain pipe problem, and it is wise to have a replacement to avoid distress due to constant damages that need drain pipe repair.

Though replacement is not an option for every situation, there are sure signs to look for to determine whether a repair is sufficient or a complete overhaul is required. Pipes, especially steel pipes, are an important invention that has made it easier to undertake different households and even outdoors functions. However, faulty pipes are a nuisance when they extend to damage to other parts and items within a given house. At times, to avoid significant damage from happening, the best thing to do is be observant of the red flags portrayed. One can check a range of signs from drain pipe backups to mold formation in the sections where the pipes pass. This article outlines a few of the symptoms that would link to a damaged sewer line or water pipes.

Drain Blockages and Backups

This is common, and every household experiences blockages on kitchen sinks, bathroom drains, and even toilets. The place to check first is the main sewer where all the drain gets directed. However, if the drain issue is not in every drain section of the house, it could lie in the pipe experiencing the issue. Some drain problems cannot go away by cleaning the pipes and requiring a drain pipe repair. A competent plumber would do a sewer video check-up on the line to treat the issue effectively.

Reduced Pressure on the Drain

This is usually a significant warning sign of a looming pipe blockage that would eventually lead to backups. When the taps, showers, or toilet flash are draining sluggish even after trying to pump and clear the system, the problem might lie deep within the pipes. Leading causes of such scenarios are roots intruding into the lines, leakages, or channeling issues. In case of experiencing such problems, it is appropriate to retain reliable lumber services to have the issue checked. However, some chemicals can deal with such issues as a slow drain, but one must take caution to get the right chemical cleaners. A counterfeit or wrong usage of such chemicals could lead to corrosion of the cast-iron and other pipes types.

Mold Intrusion

This is a common sign for leaking pipes lying behind the walls. One characteristic of a mold is that it can thrive in an area with a humidity level of over 55%. This can get attained when a pipe is leaking and is why one has to check the walls for molds. Another sign, in addition to the growth of mold, is the sewer smell. It is essential to call an expert to repair before things get out of hand.

Sewer Odor

The only place acceptable to smell a sewer odor is in the sewage but not in a decent sewer system. While installing a piping system in a building, a good plumber ensures the entire sanitary sewer line is airtight, and no smell can escape to the atmosphere. Whenever this happens, there could be breakage in a section of the pipe or a crack that needs attention before it bursts open.

Unusual Growth of Grass

Where grass starts growing in a given place without anyone attempting to breed them, it could be a sign that there is leakage, and water is spilling on the ground in that specific area. Also, there was grass previously in a situation, and all of a sudden, they become extra green; the same applies. One has to confirm whether there is a sewer leakage or a line break if a pipe passes through the area. Other signs related to the lawn are indentation and under pavers.

Waste from Septic Tank Spilling in the Patio

This happens in many homes where the sewer pipe that carries septic waste bursts open. Additionally, a leakage in the tank or blockage in line would lead to the problem, and immediate action is essential to ensure everyone’s safety. An overflow on the septic tank could break it open and expose people, especially kids, in danger of drawing in the tanks. Mild issues are related to pipes’ problems underneath the yard, and a DIY is an effective way to make things right.

Mice and Other Rodent Issues

Study shows that rodents, especially rats, cause a wide range of health complications if not put under control. The truth is that these pests live in sewages and could travel miles through pipes to become a dinner guest at a given household. It is important not to despise these animals’ health problems since such as hemorrhagic fever could turn out as life threatening. Besides getting a bite from an infected rat, drinking water contaminated by their urine can transmit diseases from the rodent to a given person. Additionally, some die in the pipes, and one could end up consuming water that gets dirtied by rotting bodies of such rodents. A good thing to seek apart from pest control is sewer line video inspection to ensure the pipes are clear.

 Unfortunately, some of these issues would mean destroying a section of the wall to get to the pipe, but the ideal thing is to get it sorted before massive destruction happens. Pipe leakages can weaken the foundation or walls of a given building, thus causing them to collapse. It is, therefore, to act with haste to avoid such a significant loss. As many would say, prevention is better than cure. It is wise to ensure all the signs are dealt with appropriately before things get out of hand. Plumbing is expensive when the problem is too big. At times the whole system has to get a replacement.

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