The Bank Of Mass Kotak Credit Card Provide An Amazing Offers

kotak bank credit card

Kotak Mahindra is the well-established bank in the private sector. They amaze you through their offers, discounts, features, and benefits. For every requirement, Kotak Mahindra bank provides huge benefits in a different purpose like shopping with a welcome gift, traveling with complimentary membership passes and rest do whatever want to do.

Why do we start using a credit card? Need to explore the world without any cash tension, make payment, shop, dine, travel. Nowadays every individual is busy and doesn’t have time to pay bills on time or rest things. But the main concern part payment on time, because if you late payer or forget to pay bills, then automatically you kill your CIBIL score. That’s why the Kotak bank provides online and offline payment services.

Online Payment Method For A Kotak Mahindra Bank

For an online procedure, should register yourself and login the site with own User ID or password. It’s secure and time-saving method.

Net banking: If you have a current account in the same bank, then easily link and make Kotak credit card payment before the time.

Mobile banking App: Download the application and install it. After installation, you can use mobile banking from the home to office anywhere.

NEFT: When don’t have the same bank account, need to add payee account number or amount and pay bills through national electronic fund transfer.

Offline Payment Method For A Kotak Mahindra Bank

For an offline, visit the nearest bank branch and make Kotak credit card payment.

Cash Service: For cash payment, need to fill the deposit form then drop it to the counter with cash.

Cheque Service: Fill the blank cheque according to the bank’s requirement then drop it nearest ATM.

Kotak Credit Card: You can have a discount, reward points, cashback, and offers

They provide a variety of Kotak bank credit card and select one according to the needs. Let’s check a different card’s features.

Kotak Mahindra Shopping Card

  • Urban Gold
  • Silk inspire
  • Essentia Platinum

Kotak Mahindra Lifestyle Card

  • Infinite
  • League Platinum
  • Privy League Signature
  • Royal Signature

Kotak Mahindra Dining Or Entertainment Card

  • PVY Gold
  • Feast Gold
  • PVR Platinum
  • Delight Platinum

The Kotak Mahindra Bank Can Ask Various Information According To The Needs

First, the bank can ask about eligibility, KYC, and income factor. Your eligibility explains your cardholder capability. Well, according to the Kotak bank you should be 18 years and clear previous history. KYC show your identity and address proof. And an income shows your credibility to payback on time. It’s a condition of the bank.

Now you should know, how can you more utilize your best credit card? You can view a monthly bank statement. It’s essential task for you otherwise you be in danger. Get to know the exceeding limit, expenses, spending habit, swipe report, and CIBIL score. You can check through the online banking portal, or either the bank can send on registered email ID after the completed one-month billing cycle.

Feel free to call on Kotak credit card customer care number 1860 266 0811. The executives are activated by 24*7, to give an instant response.