The best valentine’s day gift you can give

The best valentine's day gift you can give

Old school people like us have always associated candles with functionality. When the lights went out and the power cut made our lives hell, there was that one candle flickering away, subtly, not creating a show but making its presence felt. Many homes still use it to light a fire after a power cut even though it’s now the era of generators and investors.

The purpose of candles has now quite shifted from the purpose it was originally meant for. Beautiful scented candles act as the perfect accompaniment to a hot bath, a good book and even an amazing meal. No wonder so many people look forward to eating candlelight dinners.

The reason why so many people love the smell of candles is because smell is one of the most satisfying and powerful senses a human being has. A lit scented candle can bring out the feelings of romance, calm and pleasure. This is why scented candles make the best valentine’s day gifts and you can send gifts to pakistan as soon as you decide on the type of scented candle you want to send across.

Let’s see a list of reasons why you should get your loved one a scented candle set as a gift for valentine’s day:

  • Scented candles aren’t as expensive as most valentine’s day gifts: The fact that scented candles are charming, as well as inexpensive, make these gifts the best thing ever. Scented candles come in all shapes and sizes and in a number of scents. Nowadays some scented candles have unique aromas like the smell of books, the smell of wet earth after rain, etc. If you know your loved one inside out, you would know exactly which candle you have to get for her.
  • Scented candles affect your mood: A particular scent can affect how you feel by evoking powerful emotional reactions. This happens because scent has a tremendous effect on our olfactory nerves, which have an effect on the limbic system. Our limbic system affects serotonin which is the hormone that makes us feel positive and happy. This is why scented candles are very good for someone’s emotional health. A fun fact is that our past experiences involve a lot of scents and smelling them in the present determines our feelings for that particular smell. Which is why before you go on your scented candle buying spree, ask your partner the smell he/she is fond of. So that the smells only trigger happy thoughts and memories.
  • Scented candles assist with healing. A lot of candles come with essential oils. These candles are known as aromatherapy candles and have medicinal benefits and effects. These candles can help us to sedate respiratory and throat problems, nose, and ear irritations. These candles can also help individuals who have mild depression.



So don’t wait anymore and buy, along with sending gifts to Pakistan, the perfect Valentine’s day gift your loved one has been waiting for. Make sure you buy a smell that he/she would love so much that they’ll definitely want more of it.