The Evolution Of Wiggins’ Hair: A Retrospective

The Evolution Of Wiggins’ Hair: A Retrospective

For basketball fans, one of the most iconic images of Andrew Wiggins has always been his extraordinary hairstyles. From his days playing college basketball at the University of Kansas, Wiggins has developed a reputation for being one of the most stylish players on the court. Over his career, he has experimented with a variety of different looks, evolving his style over time in a way that has kept fans excited.

In his early days, Andrew Wiggins wore a simple, yet classic cut with short sides and a fauxhawk on top. This look was well-suited for Wiggins as it brought attention to his natural face shape, allowing for attention to be drawn to his impressive athleticism and skill on the court. 

At the start of the 2016-17 season, Wiggins switched things up with a softer, more shaded look, highlighting the texture of his hair. He also embraced the latest trends in hair styling, including ever-popular fades and undercut designs. The new style added a more casual vibe to his on and off court looks, surely aiding in making him a fan favorite as he continued to dominate defensively and improve offensively.

The season of 2018 saw another transition in Andrew Wiggins’ hairstyle, this time taking it a step further by completely dyeing his hair  a platinum blond color. The color was a drastic change, giving Wiggins an almost edgy new-age vibe on the court. This style would become his signature look and stay with him until the end of the 2019-20 season. 

The season of 2020-21 marks a new era for Andrew Wiggins and his hairstyle. He’s returned to his classic style but with a modern twist, adding layers and texture to the sides. This look is sure to add flexibility as if he chooses to dye his hair a different color or shape his hair in a new way, the look will still remain classic and stylish. 

In many ways, the evolution of Andrew Wiggins’ hairstyle has been a reflection of his personal growth on and off the court. His versatility and confidence are evident in each new look he chooses, and fans can certainly expect to see more from him in the future.

Splendid Styles: Wiggins’ Hair Through the Ages

With the beginning of the NBA season comes the beginning of Andrew Wiggins’ third year in the league. The former number one overall pick is already a proven star, and he’s proven that his style game is second to none. Since entering the league, Wiggins has been known for his unique look and style, which includes a wide variety of hairstyles that have become his signature. He may be best known for his iconic dreadlock hairdo, but over the years he has sported a variety of other looks as well.

As Wiggins’ career has progressed, so has his hairstyle. He started his career with a classic, low fade undercut and a traditional star player buzz cut. He has since worked with a range of other styles, including a stylish mohawk, a curly Mohawk, and even faux locs. He even recently debuted a look that pays homage to his Canadian roots by giving off a throwback to the popular 90s “jheri curl”. 

No matter what look Wiggins chooses, his flair for style has been undeniable. Whether he’s playing on the court or off, his hair has always been the perfect complement to his sleek wardrobe. His hairstyles are always on trend, making him  a trendsetter when it comes to basketball style. 

The next season will bring a whole new look for Wiggins, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. From faux locs to a traditional undercut, Wiggins has something for everyone when it comes to street style. One thing is for sure, we’ll be watching closely as he continues to make waves with his spectacular style.

A Deeper Look into Wiggins’ Hairstyle

Recently, Andrew Wiggins of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been making headlines, not only for his basketball performance, but also for his unique hairstyle. Wiggins has been sporting a bright pink mohawk, which has drawn the attention of many basketball fans and the media alike.

So why does Wiggins choose to wear a mohawk? For the most part, it stems from his father, who was known for being a “free spirit.” Wiggins has made a point to stay true to that spirit and express himself, even in his grooming choices. He even uses his hair to show off his personality on the court.

Wiggins’ mohawk also has deeper meaning. He has previously discussed how it plays a role in promoting acceptance and making a statement about individuality. While many people may think his mohawk is just for show, it actually has a much larger message behind it.

The mohawk isn’t the only hairstyle Wiggins has worn. His head has been shaved in the past, and he also has a version of an afro which he wears most commonly. His afro style, which is a large afro with shaved sides, is no doubt a way of showing off his African heritage and cultural  roots.

Wiggins’ hairstyle has become a signature part of his look and identity, and it has surprisingly become one of the most talked about topics amongst NBA fans. While some may criticize him for it, we should be celebrating the way Wiggins has found a way to express himself both on and off the court. He is a true example of how fashion and style can be used as a way of making a statement and showing confidence.

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