The importance of Trademark

The importance of Trademark

Do you think that anybody else is reaping the advantage of your sweat and diligence? If not, then you should take a step toward towards getting a trademark registration.  A great brand name is not constructed in one day and it rather takes years of boundless efforts and sweat. 

The cool thing is that you can get Trademark registration India online done in the present time.  Once you have imprinted your brand name successfully in the minds of individuals its benefits can be measured by you and your generation to come. Thus, it is of utmost significance to guard the uniqueness of your product or service to get a competitive gain in the market.  

What do you mean by trademark?

A word, symbol, phrase,  and/or design that is capable of identifying and distinguishing the basis of the goods of one party from that of others are called a trademark. By getting the trademark registration an individual gets exclusive usage rights over his trademark and can avert others from exploiting it. similarly, the trademark can be registered and controlled in India under the Trademark Act 1999. Are you now complexed about what you need for getting the trademark registered for you?

What are the requirements?

  • First of all, you have to accumulate the details of the brand name, symbol, logo or slogan for which trademark registration is needed.
  • Date of foremost use of the trademark.
  • Specifications of the owner of the trademark such as name and address. If trademark is sought on company name than you have to give the  Name of all the members.
  • An authorization form known as TM-48.
  • The needed or applicable fees for registration

The procedure

To get trademark registration is not as easy as it might look like; rather it is a difficult procedure that needs continues effort and time. There is an entire step by step procedure that is needed to be followed by the candidate.   once you know what has to be done and how you can accomplish that; things would get easier for you.

Trademark search

The general and main motive behind granting the trademark registration is to guard and endorse the exclusive and creative ideas. Thus, trademark registration  is just granted to only such trademarks that are believed to be as unique by the trademark department.  If you want to ensure the uniqueness of the trademark picked then you can conduct a comprehensive trademark search from the trademark database catered at the official website of the trademark. There you can get the complete data about the diverse status of the trademark applied that are already registered, protested, opposed or even unrestricted. Once a search is conducted if there are any trademark already applied with the similar mark the details of such marks shall get displayed.


So, the point is that you can get started with procedure for registration of trademark once you are ready to go for it. the procedure is quite long but easy to accomplish if you know what has to be done.

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