The Meaning of Storage

The Meaning of Storage

The word storage comes from the French “stockage” which in turn derives from the English word “stock” which means in Italian “stock/stock”. In Italian, the word storage has a meaning strictly linked to logistics, in fact, indicates the operations of storage and storage units Fort Worth a warehouse of multiple types of material, such as:

  • goods
  • raw material
  • intermediate products
  • finished products

Where Does the Storage Take Place?

Storage takes place inside special facilities called warehouses. The warehouse is a typical building of the logistic network, which is able to receive, store and prepare the materials for the sorting, shipping and delivery procedure.

  • The main types of warehouse
  • Warehouse inside the company

The first type of warehouse is the one inside the company, also called “in own account”. The process is simple: the raw materials are received and the finished products are stored awaiting shipment or further processing.

Cross-Docking Points

These particular warehouses provide that all incoming goods go out in the day without the need to occupy the shelves. This type of warehouse is useful in the case of fresh or highly perishable goods.

Warehouse for third parties

As in the case of Easy Logistic, the warehouse for third parties is not managed directly by the company that produces the product, but by an external company that takes care of receiving, storing, assembling and shipping the goods received in the time requested by the customer.

Customs warehouse

The customs warehouse is managed by companies authorized under customs control where the materials belonging to foreign countries that are not part of the EEC (European Community) are stored pending the execution of customs controls.

Mobile warehouse

The mobile warehouse does not include masonry work, but is generally constructed of materials such as stainless steel and PVC, which therefore provides for a very simple assembly and disassembly procedure. The mobile warehouse is widely used in the agricultural sector for the storage of seeds and other agricultural products or goods.

Storage With FIFO Method

FIFO is the acronym of First In First Out which translated into Italian means “first to enter first to exit” is a method of warehouse management where the first object introduced is the first to exit.

To clarify the FIFO method further, here are some clarifying examples:

  • A dispenser at the supermarket where the products are inserted from above and taken from the bottom.
  • A row of people in front of the cashier

The method contrary to the FIFO is the LIFO method in which it is the last object to be inserted to be taken first, such as the supermarket shelves.

The concepts underlying the two methods were subsequently adopted also in the field of computer science and electronics in memory management and logical units.

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