The Purpose Of Stair Tread Nosing

Stair Tread Nosing

The purpose of stair nosing is often neglected. People fail to realize how important it is in the staircase design. Though you can build a staircase without any nosing but with stair tread nosing, you choose safety. 

Purpose of Stair Nosing

The main purpose of stair nosing is to improve the safety of the staircase. This is why even at the construction sites, anti slip stair nosing is installed. Although at the construction areas the idea is also to avoid any slip or skid but with stair nosing the visitors get extra space to place their feet.

Apart from this, the nosing also improves the visibility. Many times you miss a step or misjudge it and experience a serious injury. The anti slip tape improves visibility of each tread by defining where the stairs start and end. With that being said, here are a few options that you get in stair nosing.

Pencil Round

This is the very first option that you get when you plan on getting stair tread nosing. As the name suggests this stair nosing resembles a pencil that has been laid sideways across the tread. This is one of the most popular options that homeowners choose. No matter what kind of stairs you have in your house, these stair nosing can be easily installed in them. Also, it works really well when stairs are carpeted or it is stained to match the rest of the stairs. The choice completely depends on the look that you are going for as per your interior design.


Another option that has also grown visible popularity in the past few years is square stair tread nosing. The square nosing is usually prefered by the modern and contemporary house owners as it best suits such staircases. Although the stair nosing protrudes above the edge of the tread, it is just 30mm high so one can ensure no occurrence of tripping hazards. This one has a tendency to round the edges but it can still be carpeted. So if you are someone who has a cool and contemporary vibe of the house, you must definitely consider this option for your staircase.

No Overhang

The last option is mostly liked by house owners who want a seamless look for their staircase or the ones who are highly concerned about tripping hazards. Many people believe that the other options are still liable to causing a hazard whereas by having no overhung at the staircase, you can be more safe. Well, this might be true to an extent because unlike the other two this nosing sits flush with the treads. This also makes it match the modern home interior vibe. No overhang stair nosing works well when it is stained to match other stairs or carpeted.

Whoever stair tread nosing you end up choosing, make sure it does what it says. In case you are looking for reliable options in a particular category, Safety Civil is the place you should consider going. They got you covered!