The Right Bling: Tips in Choosing Jewelry for Every Occasion

Choosing Jewelry for Every Occasion

Jewelry is an excellent addition to any outfit that you wear for any occasion. However, you have to wear the appropriate jewelry for different times.

Different occasions require specific outfits. Some outfits should be paired with jewelry pieces to complete the look. Read on to know what jewelry pieces should be used on particular occasions.

Carefree for Casual Days

For the casual look, go for basic jewelry. Since this is your everyday look, you shouldn’t go with too large or too bright accessories. Fine metal necklaces will go well with v-neck tee shirts. You can layer two or more chains for added effect.

Pair it with gemstone stud earrings which you can buy from sites like Deal Wiki. Avoid hoop earrings if you have children with you because kids might be able to pull down your earrings.

You can also wear stackable rings if you’re not comfortable with multi-layered necklaces. Bracelets are also ideal for the casual look. Fine metal bangles will do the trick.

Polished Look for Work

Polished Look for Work

Work requires formality on your part. Use jewelry to accentuate your look. Necklaces with gemstones as pendants will work well with blazers. Make sure that the color of your gemstone matches or complements the color of your blouse and blazer.

For earrings, stud earrings are subtle but formal additions to your overall look. Pick studs with medium-sized gems. Don’t wear overly large earrings to work. You can also wear hoops but make sure that it’s also not too large.

A fine metal ring can be paired with your outfit, paired with metal bracelets. Make sure to wear bracelets which will not disturb you or your office mates at work. Some bracelets tend to be noisy, so make sure not to wear noisy bracelets.

Bling for the Party Animal

You can get to show off your jewelry for parties. You can wear big pieces as long as you coordinate it with the rest of your outfit. You can wear statement necklaces and earrings for parties.

For your arms and hands, you can go for cocktail rings. If you want to stand out, you can wear bigger rings. Bangles can also add glamour to your party dress. You can wear one chunky bracelet, or you can also pair a big bangle with more simple bangles.

Make sure that your jewelry will complement your outfit and personality, not overshadow it. Wearing too much jewelry can lead to other people noticing your accessories but not appreciating you as a whole.

Elegance for Formal Events

Elegance for Formal Events

Marilyn Monroe stated that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this is true when it comes to formal events. A diamond necklace can sparkle up your evening gown. You can also go for diamond earrings when you’re wearing your hair up. Tennis or eternity diamond bracelets can also be an excellent accessory for formal events. Solitaire diamond rings also look very chic.

Diamonds are small, but make sure that you don’t wear too much. Aside from diamonds, you can also use other precious stones and pearls for your accessories. These also look elegant for a formal event or party.


Jewelry can make you look good if it’s used appropriately. When you’re using jewelry, make sure that it compliments your outfit and your personality. Different occasions will require different jewelry so carefully choose what accessories you’ll be using.

It’s fun to mix and match your accessories. Don’t be afraid to wear large items. If you’re wearing expensive jewelry, make sure that it’s tightly secured to avoid losing it. You can then enjoy your activities for the day, confident and self-assured with the help of jewelry.