What are the things should students study and learn for the CA Inter Test Series?

things should students study and learn for the CA Inter Test Series

The pandemic situation affected the entire world, and the CA exam was no exception. But, now that the fog has finally lifted, the official dates for the CA Intermediate examinations for May 2021 draw near. 

This is a major source of stress for many, while others are more fired up than ever. Regardless of which state you are in currently, taking CA InterTest Series in May 2021will have an impact on your life. And it is, therefore, important to know what exactly the syllabus of this important exam is. 

Charted Accounts in 2021

Charted Accountant is one of the most respected professions in India. This is due to the high level of intelligence and determination required for passing the Institute of Chartered Accountants India(ICAI)Exam, with only 3-8% of the candidates making the cut.

Though some might tell you otherwise, this field is still extremely fertile in 2021. Though there was a downward shift for a while, rest assured as the economy opens up and the GDP rises, you will have plenty of job opportunities. 

What Is CA InterTest Series May 2021

CA InterTest Series May 2021 test series, which a CA aspirant needs to take. This test series presents the student with a comprehensive syllabus in various finance-related fields. To pass this series of tests, you need a solidmindset, as well as a great amount of practice. 

Things to Learn for the CA InterTest Series May 2021

The syllabus for CA Inter Test Series May 2021 series has been published on the ICAI’s official website. It is extremely comprehensive and detailed, but here is a quick overview of the exams you’ll be taking. 

  1. Accounting
  2. Corporate and Other Laws
  3. Cost and Management Accounting
  4. Taxation
  5. Auditing and Assurance
  6. EISand SM, 
  7. FM Economics for Finance


These eight exams will have equal value. Each paper will be 100 marks, bringing the total to 800 marks for the entire series. 

Here is a checklist for your preparation: 

  • Take Mock TestSeries- This will prepare you for your big exam by simulating an environment you experienced during the exam.Since the questions are prepared by experts, based on the latest syllabus and pattern, they will be quite similar to the examination questions you’ll answer, especially compared to other sources of questions.
  • Managing Expectations –Be objective about the assessment of your current perpetration status.This will allow you to work harder on your weak areas, and finding your weaknesses is the first step towards nullifying them. 
  • Exam Strategy- Make sure to not only prepare but also practice a solid examination strategy. This will allow you to use your strengths more effectively while reducing the effects of your weaknesses. 
  • Stay Calm – Make sure to stay composed while taking the exam. After putting in hours of practice, you might still be nervous. But understand that you have given it your best shot. And remember, failure is temporary if your determination is permanent. 

CA InterTest Series May 2021 is an important stepping stone in your journey of becoming a CA. So, give it due attention and importance.