Things To Consider Under Dental Emergencies


Dealing with some dental problem, calling a dentist should be your priority. But things don’t go at a pace even when they are causing pain. What if your tooth suddenly starts paining on holiday, during the weekdays or in the middle of the night? Visiting a dentist in an emergency would be the only option left ahead of your choice. Isn’t it? 

What Is A Dental Emergency?

When you can’t wait to visit your dentist for getting relief from a state of uneasiness, problematic pain or continuous inflammation, it is considered under the categorization of dental emergencies. 

6 Common Dental Emergencies 

Unexplainable Toothache 

Toothache is one of the major dental conditions that can’t be ignored or avoided; otherwise, it can cause serious repercussions to the sufferer. It is considered one of those red flags that indicates that something is not going well with your oral health. 

Applying cold compression and rinsing with salt water will help to eliminate the pain that is caused due to some infection if you somehow are unable to reach out to the emergency dentist in Barrie. 

Bleeding Gums

If you get gum irritation occasionally, it might not fall under the category of a dental emergency. Still, if your gums do not stop bleeding, it indicates underlying dental issues that need to be tackled until it goes vague. 

Swollen Mouth 

If you feel your jaw is swollen without any apparent reason, it requires an emergency visit to the emergency dental clinic in Barrie. Swollen faces indicate severe infection, irritation to your lymph nodes, or other factors that need to be treated immediately. 

Exposed Nerves 

It’s an excruciating experience to find exposed nerves inside the mouth. It will only get worse if you let yourself wait to visit the emergency dentist. To prevent further nerve damage and stop the infection, seek immediate help to ease the situation.

Knocked-out Tooth 

 It’s a heavy impact, yet quite shocking if your tooth is suddenly knocked out. This condition requires more research about the root cause and why it is happening? Barrie’s emergency dentists are well qualified and experienced to deal with these kinds of dental conditions skillfully. They can replace the tooth with new and help you preserve the rest of your tooth consciously. 

Missing Filling 

If your tooth has missed its filling, it’s calling for dental emergencies. Missed filing can lead to complete tooth breakage and may even expose the tooth nerve in a very bad condition, leading to several other dental issues. 


There are many other dental emergencies as well that require immediate attention. For example, if any food and object get stuck between teeth or abscessed, visiting the emergency dentist can save you from further risks, infections, and severe damage.