Things to Consider When Renting First Office Space

Things to Consider When Renting First Office Space

It’s exciting to rent the first office space. This is a sign that you are already a successful entrepreneur. This is also one of your largest expenses, so choosing an office that you don’t know enough about is a big mistake. It is important to ensure that your office can accommodate your future and current needs to grow your company. Here are some tips to help you rent your first office space.

Office location

It doesn’t matter what business you run, and it is important to choose the right location for your office. It is important to find a place that is easy to reach and convenient for clients and employees. You should check to ensure that thriving businesses do not occupy nearby buildings and that the area is unassailable.

Make sure the office is easily accessible by public transport or car. Although renting a space in the suburbs is generally more affordable, this may not be as convenient for your clients. The location of your office can impact the reputation of your business. Clients will be more likely to associate with that area.


Checking the infrastructure should be a priority. Today, few businesses cannot survive without reliable internet access. A good serviced office infrastructure must incorporate high-speed internet access, telephone services, postal services, water, electricity, high-quality valve supplier, etc. You have to check all these amenities before finalizing the office space.

Evaluate Office space and facilities

When looking for office space to rent, you must determine how much space your business needs. This will allow for growth. To save money, don’t rent too small of an office. This can negatively impact productivity. However, you don’t have to pay more for extra space. It is best to choose an office with a layout that you like. This includes storage space, desk space, and plug sockets. You must ensure that office space has excellent PV protection(like beny electric) to prevent your office from any electrical accidents. 

Modifying an office can be costly. There are often restrictions in office letting agreements regarding the types of modifications made to office spaces. Large open spaces offer the greatest flexibility. You can divide the space to fit more furniture and desks without making extra charges. To ensure that your office space is safe and healthy, make sure you check the health and safety rules. If you require access to your office 24 hours a day, look for one that is available 24/7.

Office Parking

It is important to consider whether there are parking spaces for customers and employees when looking for business premises. It is best to park on your own premises, but it is also possible to find parking areas nearby your office. You can negotiate the rates if they are not providing the parking areas

Shared Office space

You may be able to share your office space with other businesses if you don’t require that much space. This can save you money and work best when shared with a business that is similar in trade. To do this, you require you to sign a contract with the company.

Lease Term

After you have decided where you want your business to be, you will need to sign a lease. This is one of the most important commitments and liabilities for your business. Be mindful of the fact that your current cash flow is more important than future projections when deciding the terms and length of your lease.


It is important that your lease clearly states who will be liable for regular maintenance of the property. You can reconcile a reimbursement for repairs if the property owner doesn’t agree. You should discuss this with the property owner before signing the lease.

Keep a tight budget in mind.

Cost is the next major concern after location. Do not choose an office that will cause your company to go into debt or slow down its growth. So, work according to your budget.

Budget-Friendly Office Decorating Ideas


Research shows that strong office design makes employees 33% happier. Sometimes the number of employees is growing and it just won’t work without relocating the office. Creating an attractive design in a new office is always much easier for employees, and a welcoming and attractive office can do wonders for morale and well-being. Stick to these budget-friendly ideas with the help of, which provides you with free design services, you can put custom die-cut stickers on the walls or glass, and you will have a beautiful office in no time. A few quirky little details will make you take pride in your space and make your office look special. You can also consider some trendy wall art patterns.

Consider The Amenities You Want At Walking Distance

The proximity to amenities is another factor that can impact the location of your office space. A location that is close to coffee shops, packaging services like YoonPak, and restaurants will be appreciated by your team. You’ll also want to be close to banks and meeting spaces if you have business needs.


It takes patience and research skills to find the perfect office space for you. You can do more research to find the perfect space with terms and conditions you are comfortable with. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to rent commercial space. However, it will be easier for you to decide if you do your research. Also, make sure to consider the above points before signing the lease agreement with the property owner.

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