GRE stands for Graduate record education; over the years this exam has become very common among the people who wish to study in USA. There are many question among the candidates who want to appear in the exam.  It is usually a computer based exam that set standards for admissions for the graduate programs in USA.

The test includes basicallyGRE vocabulary, analytical and quantitative skills. this exam is mandatory requirement master programs and PhD program.Now many countries are also considering these this exam also. The date about this exam is listed on the ETS website. Some things about the GRE exam are as follows:

  • Almost all the business schools of USA accept the scores instead of GMAT. So basically this exam is divided into two verbal sections, 20 questions each and 30 minutes are given for each section. Apart from them there are two quantitative sections with same number of questions and same time is given. After that there is a writing section in which there are 2 essays that will test the candidates writing skills. So the GRE exam is of 3 hours in total.
  • Many people have the question that is the GRE exam hard? So the answer to this question yes the GRE exam is quit hard but not so hard. So it is better to work hard for this exam in order to score good marks. It requires full dedication and thorough study. People take coaching from renowned centers that have experience in this field. These coaching centers help the students with the problems that they generally face is GRE vocabulary and quant. With the deep experience of coaching centers and techniques helps the students to overcome their problems. Apart from coaching centers students can take the help of online resources as well to give more shape to their hard work.
  • The GRE exam is of 340 marks and students who really put their best in study scores 340 out of 340 and on average the lowest scores in this exam is 260 out of 340 in quant and verbal. Usually a student score 6-point scale in essay.
  • It is a benefit to the student that he can choose the date for exam accordingly. Usually date is taken 3 to 6 months before the candidate need to apply. Nowadays there is increase in number of students that are appearing for the exam so sometimes it is recommended to register for it one-year prior. The GRE scores are valid up to 5 years from the date or appearing in the exam.
  • It is one of the toughest exam for admission for higher education. So it requires a lot of thorough study. It is better if you are able to find a coach who can tell the right way to put all the efforts so that they can bring out fruitful results. Thorough study and proper revisions are required for this exam.

The scores in this exam will open the doors to the universities where you want to study. So whether it is vocabulary part of quants parts everything should be taken seriously.