3 Things To Remember While Taking professional Business Headshots

3 Things To Remember While Taking professional Business Headshots

Professional business headshots are done in a photography studio with defined lights and neutral background. Nothing fancy is done around the subject. The reason behind keeping the photoshoot so basic is to keep the focus of the audience on the subject only. Generally, corporate photoshoots are done for generating a professional profile of the employee. The photos might be either posted on the company’s website, in magazines, or in the corporate profile of the employee.

Talking about the framing for professional business headshots, either full pictures are taken or the subject’s shoulders and top of the bust. Depending upon the requirement, the subject is asked to wear something formal. In order to portray a professional image by not overdoing anything, may it be the outfit or pose. Procuring the right professional business headshots is not as easy as it seems. Here are the four basic things to remember that will help you get the expected headshots.

Camera Equipment

One of the most important things on which every photoshoot depends is the camera equipment. When you are all set for Washington DC headshots then there are no particular requirements of the camera equipment. All you will need is a wide-open lens that creates a nice bokeh, gives great results, and does not have any distortions. Any lens that has a range between 50mm to 135mm with F/2.8 or a large aperture is good to go with. Lighting, being another piece of equipment, plays a vital role too. Most of the headshots are bright. Therefore you need to create a frame that has light just above the client, some fill light below the client in order to reduce the shadow and if there is natural light then nothing better than that. Plan your professional business headshot photo shoot on sunny days but make sure you do not shoot when the sun is just over the head.

Good Composition

Keeping a check on the basics of composition is essential in the case of professional business headshots too. To make that happen, try every possible composition that can draw the audience’s attention to your subject. As the subject of your composition is the employee’s face, make sure it stands out. Ask your subject to stand a few steps away from the backdrop so that a shallow depth of field is created and you get to blur the background in order to pop the subject subtly. Go ahead with the rule of thirds because that can help you create multiple pictures from one single frame. Do not ignore the clothing choices. Neutral tones and solid colors are all that you need while taking professional business headshots.

Set Up Your Studio

When you have your own studio, you do not have to run after the temporary setups or standard settings. You have complete access and control over photos. And not just photos but you also get to cut on the extra expenses that might hamper you during the photo shoot.

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