Things you need to know about multi speciality and super speciality hospitals

Things you need to know about multi speciality and super speciality hospitals

If you have been to a hospital in a leading city in India, you may have observed that the facility was either multispeciality or a super speciality one. 

Example – Narayana Netralaya, located in Bengaluru, is one of the leading super speciality eye care hospitals. 

But have you ever understood what separates or makes hospital multispeciality and another super speciality? 

Let’s know about the differences and other aspects of the multispeciality and super speciality hospitals!

What is a multispeciality hospital?

A multispeciality hospital is the one where you will find physicians and surgeons in a single place. It will have a wide range of specialists who will be available in the same hospital. 

When specialists of different diseases are working in tandem in a single place, it comes easier for patients to receive efficient and accurate health care. 

The infrastructure of a multi-speciality hospital is made to help doctors deliver quality health care to patients. The system is patient-centred. There is an availability of all major equipment that makes quality healthcare delivery easier.

What are the benefits of a multispeciality hospital?

1. There is smooth communication between various departments so that the patients get the best treatment possible. It is beneficial for patients with multiple medical conditions and compound issues.

2. The hospital works as a one-stop-shop for patients. The patients do not have to waste time in taking appointments with so many doctors. They can get appointments for the same day. From testing to diagnosis reports and medications, everything is super smooth.

3. Experts of various disciplines come together to diagnose and cure unique medical conditions. It is much better than relying on hospitals for results and then transferring a patient to another hospital.

4. Many such hospitals have physicians with unique qualifications. They are trained to tackle complex problems with a higher rate of success. It is not found in small, known hospitals.

5.The chance of the positive outcome owing to surgery is much higher at a multispeciality hospital. It is because they have the infrastructure and support staff to deal with anything and instantly.

What is a super speciality hospital?

A super speciality hospital is known as the medical facility primarily engaged in the care and treatment of anyone suffering from a specific illness. 

They are known to provide their patients with specialized services. 

For example, if you have cancer, then a super speciality hospital concerning cancer treatments will be the best place for you. 

If you want exclusive eye care, then Narayana Netralaya will be the eye care super speciality hospital to go for. 

What are the benefits of a super speciality hospital?

1. A super speciality hospital provides exclusive diagnosis, cure and treatment for some specific or complex medical condition that you may have. For eye care, Narayana Netralaya is among the best examples of an eye care super speciality hospital.

2. Patients seeking a specialist even for a simple problem like cough will go to a pulmonologist instead of a general physician.

3. Super speciality hospitals have a reputation for offering quality health care. It is because their focus is on a specific set of diseases.

4. These hospitals are more agile in decision making, keep away from complex management issues and invest in new technologies.

5. When exclusive and special care is given in a super speciality hospital, it helps a patient to know the root cause of the problem. In turn, it assists them in getting the condition treated from the base and avoiding reoccurrences and complications.

Nowadays, the trend of super speciality hospitals and multispeciality hospitals in smaller cities in India are on the rise. 

If you wish to get comprehensive health care, then a multispeciality hospital is good. 

For specific disease centric health care, a super speciality hospital is what you can go for.       

Pay for health care in different hospitals in easy EMIs 

The cost of undergoing health care in a super speciality hospital like Narayana Netralaya and a multispeciality hospital can be heavier on your pockets. But you should not worry as you can opt for an easy finance solution and manage your outlays better. 

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