Three Separate Athletic Workouts For Guards That Everyone Can Do

Three Separate Athletic Workouts For Guards That Everyone Can Do

The best health and fitness workouts are those that are infrequently done. So anyone out there who really want to get good results in terms of bodybuilding and muscle development needs to take the challenge and try out some new and unique separate athletic workouts for guards. Although there are basic moves in each and every workout program, routine or plan such as pushups, lunge or squats, it would be much beneficial if you try out these moves in different ways. Other than physical fitness, these workouts help you bar boredom and health-wise, they help you shed off excess fat.


Side Plank

In this exercise, you have to keep the knees straight, then you lie on one side. Then pile your torso on your left elbow and the forearm. Pull up the hips until your body makes a straight line from ankles to shoulders. Keep in that position for 30 seconds then repeat the same with your other side.

The exercise helps in working out abdominal muscles such as obliques, abdominus and the transverse which most abs workouts don’t reach. It has been dubbed a secret weapon for tightening and shrinking the waistline.


Single-Leg Deadlift

Hold a pair of dumbbells then stand on one leg, either left or right. Lift up the remaining leg behind you as you bend the knee to allow the lifted leg to become parallel to the floor or ground. Lean forward in the hips area while smoothly lowering the entire body, rest at that position then push back to your starting position. Always keep the chest up and also engage the core all through the exercise.

This is one of the best individual athletic workouts for guards as it focuses on lifting and toning the glutes, which is the main muscle for the exterior hip. It makes the entire core active and as a result, prevents the pain of the back.


Triceps Extension

Place your back heel on the ground, then adopt the lunge posture. Lean forward over the bent front knee as you lift the arms straight up from your sides. Lift a weight of about 2 to 3 pounds an inch up at least 30 times on each arm.  

This workout helps in toning the triceps as well as shoulders. For much better results, make use of light load and complete more reps.