Tips and Tricks to Stand Out at A Trade Show

Tips and Tricks to Stand Out at A Trade Show

A trade show can provide you with an exciting and fun time to mingle with potential customers, learn about your market and its trends, and exhibit your products. You can connect with your potential customer’s directly and face to face which allows you to know more about their needs and wants. 

However, trade shows can be competitive with a large number of sellers like you. All your potential customers may not visit your booth which is counted as a lost opportunity. You need to attract them to your booth, and if they do visit you, make sure you make a good impression so that they remember your brand and your products. 

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Ways to stand out at a trade show 

The following are some methods that you could try to make your booth more attractive at trade shows. 

  • Revive your branding: Make sure that your message and the appearance of your brand are not outdated. Keep the brand fresh by creating new signage or altering your message. Furthermore, you need to make sure you stand out from the rest of the crows. Don’t blend in with other brands. Use colors and new logos to help you differentiate from the rest.
  • Hand out something unusual: If you want you and your brand to make an impression and be memorable, then you can hand out something unusual and different that will make them remember you. You could give out custom printed tote bags with your logo and every time that they used it, they’d be reminded of your brand. 
  • Dress your employees as a team: One way that you can boost your recognition is by dressing your employees in a team uniform. This ensures teamwork and also helps you stand out. 
  • Invest in a unique exhibition stand: All the stands in an exhibition look the same. However, if you are looking to stand out, then you must do something extraordinary. You can use a modular exhibition stand or try a custom stand to attract more attention. 
  • Build hype and curiosity in advance: The initial work for a trade show goes on before the trade show even begins. You can develop a multi-channel campaign to let your potential customers know about the trade show and your booth’s location. You could use social media to interact with potential customers, build suspense about your stand and allow them to plan ahead. 
  • Create an experience: try to involve people taking an interest. You can make them do activities and play games to make them enjoy themselves.


The above-mentioned points could help you be noticed in a crowd of your competitors. Your main aim should be to capture their attention and retain it. 

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