Tips For Moving For A College Dorm

Tips For Moving For A College Dorm

Whether you are moving into a college dorm for the first time or whether you are moving to the dorm after returning to your home, moving to the dorm is always stressful. Luckily, with the help of this guide, you can have a good moving experience. As you know every college have specific rules and regulations regarding the move process. But the basics remain the same. Here is a list of tips that will make your dorm moving to experience a smooth and easier one.

Make a list of essential and pack accordingly

Make a checklist of all the necessary items that you need there and then start packing accordingly.  Usually, a college provides you a list of all the items that you already have in your dorm room. Therefore, you can save yourself from over-packing. Because many times, dorms are furnished with mattress, dresser, desk, and mini-fridge, first check this list and prepare your list and collect items that you need there in a dorm.

Contact your roommate

To protect yourself from over-packing of the items, it is great to contact your roommate. Your college will provide you information regarding your roommate. Contacting him/her will make you know what she/he will bring so you can pack the rest of the items. Like there are some kitchen supplies and utensils that are enough to bring one for both of you. You can divide these items among you to protect yourself from over-pack.

Read the guidelines provided by the college

Before start packing, it is mandatory to read the guidelines provided by the college. There are specific rules and regulations specified by every college based on what to bring and what not to bring with you. Read out the important guidelines regarding check-in, how to register, who to ask and where to park and so on.

Dress appropriately

The moving day is not the time for high heels and tight clothing. Wear what you are comfortable while walking up. It is recommended you to wear comfortable shoes in which you can lift heavy items, can down multiple flight stairs and so on. Be comfortable in your clothing to enhance the efficiency of the work.

Bring toolkit with you

There are a lot of things where you need the help of a toolkit from hanging curtains to assembling of the furniture to fixing screws and a lot of others. Keep your toolkit handy so that you can use it whenever there is a need for.

Ship items what you can’t fit into your car

Remember that you don’t need everything on the first day of the move. There are certain items that you would need on the first day of the dorm. Items like TV, pillow, some books are not needed on the first day so you can easily ship these items. These items will arrive within a week or two.

Make it affordable

Do not break your bank to fuel the move. Always ask for moving company quotes and compare them to get a fair quote and reasonable moving experience.

Are you ready for the move?

So, are you ready to shift into your college dorm? Hiring Best National Moving Companies will also help have a good dorm moving experience.

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