Tips To Find The Best Aloe Vera Gel And Lip Balm

Tips To Find The Best Aloe Vera Gel And Lip Balm

Aloe vera is a naturally occurring substance known for its soothing properties. While some people grow an aloe vera plant at home to extract the gel, others prefer buying an aloe vera gel online . As there is a wide range of products, it can be overwhelming to choose the right gel for one’s skin. Here are a few tips to help one find a quality gel.

Finding the right aloe vera gel

  • Natural ingredients – It is best if most of the ingredients of the gel are natural products. One can always go through the ingredients listed on the product. Another way to check is – if the gel says that it is suitable for most skin types, it likely has no toxic chemical ingredients. 
  • The product reviews – There are various ways to check reviews for a product. Bloggers within the niche publish review articles explaining the pros and cons of the aloe vera gel. Also, past customers leave their ratings and reviews on e-commerce sites. These reviews help the potential buyer. 
  • The properties – Different aloe vera gels offer different properties because of the variety of ingredients that aloe vera is clubbed with. It is desirable to have a light gel. It should not look greasy when applied to the skin. Further, the gel should hydrate the skin well. 

Aloe vera gels are highly preferred as they soothe the skin, especially after shaving or waxing. The gels produce a distinct cooling effect that can help with sunburns and skin irritation. 

The importance of natural lip balm

Everyone experienced chapped lips, and thus having a quality lip balm is an everyday necessity. Like the skin, the lips also benefit more from lip care products made from natural ingredients. One can get more or less similar results from natural and chemical lip balms. But, hydrating the lips through natural ingredients is better for the body. 

Discussed below are some of the natural ingredients preferred in Herbal lip balm

  • Beetroot extract – Beetroot is a powerhouse of ingredients – Vitamin C, Vitamin B, fibers, iron, potassium, and manganese. These elements come together to keep the lips healthy.
  • Honey – Honey is the best natural ingredient to cure cracked lips. Honey not only keeps the lips moist; it also helps the lips recover from wounds created by cracked lips. As it has antibacterial properties, it can keep the lips protected from infecting agents. 
  • Shea butter – Shea butter contains Vitamins A and E. These are vital to keeping the lips moisturized and prevent the lips from becoming dry. Shea butter can also protect the lips from the potentially harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. 
  • Cocoa butter – This natural ingredient contains Vitamins A, C, and E. These contribute to the antioxidant property of the gel. The ingredient forms a barrier on the lips to retain the moisture. 
  • Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil gives the lips the strength to withstand damage during rough winds and cold temperatures. 
  • Apricot oil – It nourishes the lips and keeps them soft. 

While there are so many natural ingredients that can keep the lips pink and healthy, there is no need to go for products that may have harmful chemicals.