Tips to Use Car Colour Spray in a Perfect Manner

Tips to Use Car Colour Spray in a Perfect Manner

Now, it has become easy to remove scratches on the car’s surface. Car spray paint is one of the most used products by car owners. In case, your car has got scratches due to any reason, they can be removed easily on your own.

The car spray paints are one of the best and reliable products for enhancing the appearance of car’s surface. If there are some marks on your car, you can remove them all on your own. For this, you must know the spray painting techniques.

Whether you paint the car using a car airbrush or standard auto spray gun, ensure that you are aware of the methods and techniques used for spray painting your car. It is better that you read and understand all the instructions before starting the process. This will ensure that you follow the correct method and avoid wastage of time and money. Moreover, you will be able to get best results in the first try itself.


  • With a perfect layer of paint, you can provide a clean and shiny look to the car’s surface. Read the tips mentioned below:


  • Cover the Parts to avoid overspray: It is wise to cover the parts that are not to be painted, until you hold expertise in using a paint spray. Covering the parts is especially essential if you are painting a bumper or door.
  • Prepare the surface: Before painting the car directly using a spray gun, it is wise to spend a good on time preparing the surface. Using the sandpaper of 80 or 300 grit pieces, smoothen the scratches on the vehicle. The more you smoothen the surface, the easier it would become to spray paint the car.
  • Use several light coats: Most of the car owners try a heavy coat in the first stroke. No doubt, there is a requirement of more paint at some surface but it is not wise to accumulate paint at one place. It is better to do several layers on the surface. While painting, make sure that you spray nozzle from a distance of 10 to 12 inches away. Make slow and even strokes and don’t break your rhythm.
  • Using Car colour spray: After spraying a coat of paint on the vehicle, leave it for some time to dry properly. Usually, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes for a single coat to dry. Only then apply the second coat.
  • Avoid mistakes: When spraying, if you made a mistake, continue spraying the same coat of paint. Besides this, avoid applying another coating until the mistake has been repaired.

Therefore buy a spray paint for your car. Match the colour before applying it on the surface. Ensure that the colour shade is not at all different. Additionally, try your hand on a rough surface before directly applying it on the car’s surface. The spray is available at affordable prices in the market. It comes with all the detailed instructions which makes it an easy to use product.

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