Top 10 Classic Mother of the Bride Dresses

Top 10 Classic Mother of the Bride Dresses

We know that you are not the only one who is excited on your wedding day, for sure your mother and your groom’s mom is as excited as you are. They are the ones who will most likely help you in every step you take on your journey towards your most awaited wedding day. 

Planning for the theme, wedding venue, decorations, and even your wedding dress will become easier with the helping hand of the beautiful women in your life. With that, as an appreciation, they deserve to look as beautiful as you on your wedding day. 

Our dress store in NJ offers a variety of styles that your mother can choose from. Styles that can bring out the personal style your mother and future mother-in-law loves. Below are a few classic mother of the bride dresses styles that your mother might consider wearing.

1. The Top And Skirt Dress Combo

A classic style that is usually worn by the mother the bride dresses in NJ is the top and skirt combo. Elderly women love this kind of style because it is very formal. Most tops for this style have short sleeves attached to give a slender illusion to the arms. The skirts for this are usually in A-line style to give a flowy and smooth effect.

2. The Cardigan Dress

The cardigan dress is another option for conservative mothers. The cardigan is an added touch to the main dress that your mother will be wearing. Most dresses for this one are the ones with thin straps. With the help of the cardigan, the upper part of the body with a lot of skin showing is covered. The cardigans are usually adorned with intricate beading and sequins patterns for a flashy look. Depending on your mother’s preference, she can choose lace patterns instead of the beads and sequins for a tone-downed but classy look.

3. The Lace Dress

Of course, who wouldn’t miss a lace dress like your mother’s dress for your wedding? A lace dress is perfect for creating a classy and vintage look. You can use the lace as an embellishment on the upper part of the dress. You can also browse from our prom dresses NJ to get inspiration for lace dresses. This will give a mix of modern and the prime style for your mother’s dress.

4. The Off-shoulder Dress

If you are the princess, then, of course, your mother is the queen. Your mother deserves to dress like a royal on your wedding day. To achieve that, your mother can choose an off-shoulder style for her dress. Off-shoulder dresses give a very feminine look. For this kind of dress, you can have an A-line skirt for a flowy look or a mermaid-cut skirt for a sexier look. 

5. The Maxi Dress

An off-shoot of a long dress is the maxi dress. Maxi dress style gives a very seamless look to your mother’s dress. A lot of women love this style because of the comforts that it gives. You can play around with this kind of style using different fabrics. For a luxurious and elegant look, you can use silk or satin.

6. The Capelet Dress

Similar to a cardigan is a capelet dress. This is a very mom-appropriate dress style because of the formal vibes the attached cape gives. This kind of dress offers cropped arm coverage without sacrificing the style of your main dress. Depending on your mother’s preference, she can have a cape made from solid fabric or a sheer one to show off a bit of skin. Most users of this kind of dress remove the cape during the reception for a more comfortable experience.

7. The Sequins And Beads Dress

A little sparkle on your mom’s dress is perfect for this festive occasion. Let your mother wear a dress donned with shimmering sequins and intricate beading patterns for a flashy look. She also deserves a bit of the spotlight as she was the woman who helped you grow into the bride.

8. The Floral Embroidery Dress

For a feminine look, your mother can opt to choose a dress adorned with embroidered floral designs. These kinds of dresses are perfect for outdoor wedding venues such as weddings held in a garden or even on the beachside. Imperial dresses with floral accents such as the Quinceañera dresses  can give a very youthful look to your mother.

9. The Ball Gown

This might be the last choice of all as it can draw the attention away from the bride but a ball gown style dress can also be an option. Ball gown dress gives a very sophisticated and elegant look to your mother which makes it perfect as you both walk down the aisle.

10. The Pantsuits And Jumpsuits

The pantsuits and jumpsuits are perfect for mothers who love to give a modern-day twist to their look. This kind of style is easy to wear and is very comfortable – ideal for mothers who love to jive on the dance floor. There are several coordinated styles that you can experiment around with this style.

There are a lot of choices for your mother’s dress on your wedding day. Just make sure that whatever your mother picks is something that satisfies her and represents her taste. The options above are just a few of the many styles that can give your mother a classic and chic look on your most special day.