Top 5 Ideas for Pearl Wedding Anniversary Celebration !

Top 5 Ideas for Pearl Wedding Anniversary Celebration !

Wedding anniversary matters a lot when they are reached certain milestone. 30th wedding anniversary is considered as the most prominent celebration of couple’s life. it is a celebration of togetherness and harmony and the special bond. Don’t overlook this celebration; make this moment celebrating and most happening by Order Wedding Gift Online for Brazil. a pearl theme decoration is specially designed to celebrated the 30th anniversary of life. here we give you some hints of how to mention and use pearls theme in wedding anniversary.

Lets take a look at the brief guidelines mentioned under here.

Best Pearl Theme Ideas for Wedding

Pearl theme is most popular scheme for celebrating 30th wedding anniversary. Anniversary is the most important celebration of couple’s life. 30th anniversary is the special milestone. This must be cherished with unique and extensive theme. Pearl theme is out of ordinary, it feels heavenly like we are on the beach, and pearls are shimmering and the winds of oceans blowing in the party. Every space is adorned with white, blue and pink pearls garland. You have to symbol pearls in everything like couple choose to wear pearl embellished clothing, pearl themed glass wares and plates, pearl themed invitation everything.


Invitation must be symbolized with theme. Guests will know it better what type of theme you have applied in this wedding anniversary. Use artificial pearls to stick on the invitation card. or customize the card in oyster, shell or pearl shape and then send it to invitee. If you wish you can send necklace or beautiful pearl to include in the invitation card. If you have set up some dress code mention the lady guests to come in pearl themed white and blue costumes.


Use white, pink and blue color balloons to worn as a necklace on the welcome door. Find some artificial pearl strands to tie on the end of balloons. Also look for some white linen fabric curtains to see an ocean like feel. Also set some white color pebbles in the tray, use some faux greens for decoration to give an aquatic look to party. You can use shimmering balls like children’s toy balls to make a garland. if you have use one big oyster shell to give it a complete look.

Music and Food for Pearl Theme Wedding

it’s an aquatic theme how come the sea food is excluded. Serve a grilled sea fish food, some cramps. For a healthy version you can also serve some old fashioned boiled food. Use Italian feast and serve it in the shell or oyster themed plates. Get clear cocktails to drink. Also serve cup cakes personalized in the oyster or shell shape. Get some beach inspired finger food for the guests to enjoy with clear white champagne. Also play some peaceful music played right on the beach shore.

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Game and Activities

You can use some old fashioned classic games and activities to seek the attention of guests. Play a scavenger hunt where couples have to find the pearls from the oyster shell hidden in secret place. Also do some couples activities where you have to give artificial pearls to husband. They have to make designer necklace for his wife. Search for beach themed games and activities on net, you will get more ideas from it.

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it is not necessary it pearl themed scheme can only be applied in 30th wedding anniversary. If uyou are planning a wedding or wedding anniversary at beach or applied aquatic theme you can choose pearl theme. it requires a detailing process of how to set up pearl theme in decoration in food music and games. We have curated all things here. So you need not to worry, our article is going to help you in setting the pearl theme in upcoming celebration.