Top 8 benefits of GPS tracking device in India

Top 8 benefits of GPS tracking device in India

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a navigation system that depends upon the functions of the satellites. The GPS system consists of a minimum of 24 satellites that rotate around the earth two times a day in a pre-defined orbit. Originally, this device was reserved only for the U.S Department Of Defence, but later in the 1980s, this device was made available to the public. This device is now used by most people around the world, especially by the public taxi and transportation companies. GPS tracker for cars are very essential nowadays. Here are some of the great benefits of a GPS tracking device

  • Best use of vehicle resources

Through a GPS tracker, the business owner can monitor the exact location and performance of his fleet vehicles at any point of time. A GPS system gives extremely precise information about the usage of the fuel, behavior of drives, engine idling and the exact location of the vehicle within a fraction of seconds. With the information obtained from the management, you can make proper use of the resources more effectively and identify the points where you can save the money.

  • Provides great features

A GPS tracking device has many convenient features that help in improving the performance of the vehicle and managing such a vehicle’s speed, the behavior of the driver, trip distance can be measured. A GPS tracking service provider will help in training the staff using all the in-built features, there is no need to read the user manuals. Car tracking device in India are now becoming very popular.

  • Reduce the cost related to insurance

Many well-known insurance companies have admitted that the GPS tracking system can be an asset in proper fleet management companies and strongly support its execution. In many cases, fleet companies having a tracking device have a drop of 10 to 30% in their insurance premium. Insurance companies give a great discount on the vehicles that are having a GPS tracking device. Because of GPS tracker, the fleet drivers act more responsible when under the ownership of a company vehicle.

  • Reduction in fuel cost

Fuel cost is one of the biggest expenses for fleet management companies. Once the GPS tracking devices are installed then it will be the largest saving for the business. A GPS tracking device helps in reducing the cost and saves money. A GPS tracker helps to reduce the idle time by avoiding the routes filled with traffic and also provides the most efficient route to the fleet drivers when they are on the road.

  • Making customers happy

Business owners always find it difficult to come up with the ever-growing demands of the customers. They need quick delivery without any grief and according to their timelines. If the fleet vehicle has a GPS tracker, then the dispatcher will be able to make quick decisions which will surely improve their customer service. By knowing the exact location of the vehicle, the dispatcher will inform the customer in advance that if the driver is going to be late or arrive at the exact time. Even the customers are able to detect the exact location of the vehicle.

  • Proper management by the driver

Knowing that the drivers are being tracked, they will improve their driving. GPS tracking permits you to see the repeat criminals and makes the driver active before any accident or incident. If any accident takes place, then the fleet managers can send the emergency responders to the place of the accident immediately. They can also know how the driver was driving before the accident, to make sure whether it was his fault or not. 

  • Provides efficient routes

Due to the lack of good and correct road conditions, the fleet driver may get confused and frustrated. A GPS tracker provides an idle route with good road conditions and provides directions step by step. It permits the driver to waste less time on the phone, keeping everyone on the safer side. GPS tracker also provides an alternative route whenever needed. With the help of the tracking device, the drivers can complete an extra job per day.

  • A good number of trips

With the help of the tracking device, the dispatcher can monitor the exact location and road condition of the fleet vehicle. With great satellite technology, the dispatcher can be in contact with the fleet driver if there is any problem on the road and give him extra trips if he is in an idle state. Tracking devices help the manager in controlling their drivers, they can provide extra trips to the fleet drivers which bring them more revenue in the long run.