Top 8 Reasons Lake Erie Beaches are awesome

Ohio is home to dozens of beautiful beaches on Lake Erie. Lake Erie is the perfect place for your beach vacation in Ohio, from fantastic restaurants to local wineries, to family fun and celebrations. From the city’s panoramic views in Put-in-Bay and popular kayaking spots to picturesque picnic areas and dog beaches, below are reasons why beaches on Lake Erie are awesome.

  • Mentor Headlands Beach State Park has the longest sand beach.

Mentor Headlands has the longest stretch of natural sandy beach located in northeastern Ohio. Framed by dunes and plants, this beach is perfect for those who want to feel like it is a tropical beach. Believe it or not, at Mentor Headlands Beach, you can actually surf too. The waves here are usually the largest of all the world beaches.

  • You can play volleyball here.

There are plenty of great places to play beach volleyball, thanks to the clean sand on beaches along Lake Erie. For instance, the Edgewater beach park features six courts with continuous action.

  • Eclectic eats

Lake Erie’s beaches are a paradise for wine lovers and foodies. No matter what you want, you will find it in and around this eclectic beach town. The restaurants are always changing menus every season, so you will enjoy fresh food from farm to table every time. Savory Charcuterie boards at the restaurants are available all year long and marvelously complement Lakehouse wines! Other popular foods include Mexican grille tacos and Marianne chocolate craftsman.

  • The beaches have the best views in Cleveland 

Some of Lake Erie’s beaches have lovely city views. Huntington Beach is located west of the city and provides a stunning view of the city from the sea. Huntington Beach makes the ideal summer afternoon spot for a sunbathing or surfing experience.

  • Your dog can accompany you to some beaches.

On Lake Erie, the Edgewater Beach Park and the Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park Beach are two dog-friendly beaches. These beaches will allow you to play in the sand and swim to your heart’s content in the surf. Both beaches have dog zones, so be careful before you let your dog run across these beaches. One way of getting around with your dog is to rent a golf cart, particularly during your vacation in Put-in-Bay.

  • You can fish in Lake Erie.

You can fish in Lake Erie, contrary to what people think. You can eat the fish if you want to. In the past couple of decades in Lake Erie, Walleye, yellow perch, and rainbow trout have all made a comeback. All beaches, including Mentor Headlands Beach and Edgewater Beach, can be found in the designated areas. If you like deeper waters to catch fish, a boat might be the best option. Before you boat or fish, make sure to get all your necessary licenses.

  • Several festivals and concerts

For the last few years, Cleveland has embraced its new and improved waterfront. Numerous events and concerts are held here during the summer and fall seasons on Lake Erie’s shores. Edgewater Live is a recurring event that occurs every Thursday during the summer which features a wine garden, food trucks, live musical acts, and much more.

  • These beaches are ideal spots for a run.

Most people love running along the beach when on vacation. In Cleveland, you don’t need to wait for a vacation to run on the sand beach. There are various places where you can run along the water. If you travel to Mentor Headlands Beach, you can opt to run on the beach at the water’s edge. All you need is to be careful when9 running through a designated fishing area or a dog area.

You can get similar experiences in Put-in-Bay and other Lake Erie Islands. There are beaches on South Bass Island where you and travel companions can swim and enjoy. During your vacation in this region, choose affordable Put-in-Bay hotels, resorts, or any other accommodation option.