Top Budget Wireless Headphones To Buy

top budget wireless headphones to buy

When you are thinking about laptop or mobile phone accessories then there are many things which are available. The use of headphones is one of them which have never ceased to be important. Thinking about the same buying headphones is one of the most important and exciting decisions users make. The best part is the introduction and wide use of wireless headphones. These come with many features and since the wires are not attached they are highly handy and extremely comfortable to carry and use. The buyers often worry about the cost as these headphones are often costlier than the regular wired ones. What they should ideally wait for is the black friday sale 2018. All the products are available on this black Friday sale at discounted prices hence the latest brands of the headphones are also available at throw away prices. 

The music listening experience along with movie watching becomes extremely rewarding when you are using the high-quality wireless headphone at affordable prices.
Talking about the product there is no dearth of the brands which makes quality headphones. Here is a list of the top rated headphones which users can buy.

Sony WH-1000XM2 : These headphones come with noise cancellation technology that does not lead to any distraction. The wireless range comes up to 30 feet and they have a battery life of 20 hours which is great for 2-3 days use. The users can switch between modes to actually choose what kind of listening experience they wish to add.  Sony offers LDAC Codec along with aptX HD standard. This technology allows high-resolution audio playback using the wireless headphones. They are ranked as a great travel companion and excellent headphones by the users.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II: With the brand, one can be assured of great sound quality and high-quality comfort. The wireless headphones come with noise cancellation features which is the reason behind higher level of listening comfort. The battery life is a little above 20 hours which are great for long travels and even 2-3 days of normal use. The added advantage of using the headphone is the inbuilt Google assistant. This means you can simply switch to surfing without having to look for any other device.  It is a very lightweight which makes it great for traveling but the quality is strong and durable which means it will stay with you for long.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless: They are one of the best sounding headphones available today. It is loved by the users just because of the sound quality and listening experience. This one comes with aptX, HD and LDAC codecs which offer hi-res wireless support. There is also a detachable cord which is available to the users according to their needs. These headphones look bulky but are very comfortable for use. The design is circumaural which means that the earphones cover the years rather than just sit on them creating pressure. The battery lasts for about 30 hours which is suitable for long travels and 2-3 days of otherwise uninterrupted service. The charging also does not take a lot of time and its quickly charges when put on the charger.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless: The name suggests quality and great listening experience. They are one of the best wireless headphones which are available around the corner. The music lovers rate them as one of the highest wireless quality headphones. They, of course, come with voice cancellation and High-resolution audio support. There is soft leather used around the headphones which keeps the users listening experience great and makes the headphones easy on the ears. They are highly stable and stay on the head without discomfort. The ear phone comes with USB charging and also a detachable wire which can be used as per the convenience of the listeners. These are a highly light-weight product which does not put undue pressure on the head. The headphones keep the charging on for 22 hours and it also does not take a lot of time to get charged. They are a real treat for the music lovers as they deliver quality along with the premium look.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2: These speakers, of course, come with noise cancellation and they provide high-quality uninterrupted listening. The design looks decent and the earcups come with a mesh protecting the ears. There are many control buttons on the headphones which are used for volume, playback, toggle and noise cancellation etc. The headphones are highly comfortable and they are made of soft leather keeping the ears protected. The headband also has the use of soft leather and thus they do not exert pressure on the head.  They are suitable to be worn for continuous 6-8 hours without any discomfort.  There is a micro USB charging and 3.5 mm cable in case users wish to use. This one offers a huge battery life of 24 hours which is a great feature for frequent travelers along with quality listening. They are highly suitable headphones which can be used for music listening and movie watching experience.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a wireless headphones. The best brands built high-quality products to suit the needs of the listening. While buying the users must think about the quality, durability, warranty, and price of the product to make an informed choice. Choosing one might not be easy and hence the capsule information on what the top wireless headphones entail is great. The black Friday sale is a great way to fetch the latest and the most loved headphone at discounted prices. This way the price will not be a major concern and the buyers can easily pick and choose the product depending on the features and not worry about the cost. Since all electronic items are at a risk of damage do think about the after sale services. You will require a quick response in these cases as waiting to get a working product is highly required. Your buying experience becomes fun when you know that you are looking at great products and attractive prices.