Top E-Commerce Mobile App Design Concepts That You Should Never Ignore

Top E-Commerce Mobile App Design Concepts That You Should Never Ignore

By the end of 2018, around 27% of all retail e-commerce in America will be conducted on mobile devices so it is very clear that businesses can no longer afford to ignore the need for a better user experience for mobile users.

The Need for E-Commerce Stores to Have an Appealing UI Design

The reason customers prefer one e-commerce store over another is that of its more appealing design and ease of carrying out transactions. The user interface is the very first thing encountered and the first impression about it generally seals its fate. Therefore, the sole way of staying ahead in the game is to deliver a UI that is way ahead of the rest, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

App Design Tips for Driving Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store

Simplicity: In their effort to deliver all that there is, many businesses make their apps extremely cluttered with images, text, menu options, CTAs, videos, etc. that make it very difficult for users to decipher it and carry out transactions. It is extremely important for the home page of the app to be visually appealing and crisp and concise while affording the desired functionality.

Put your product above everything else: Even while recognizing the vital importance of UI design, it should never be forgotten that the sole purpose of your mobile app is to encourage and facilitate commerce. Therefore, it is important to prioritize business objectives so that your e-commerce platform can be focused the right way for maximum conversions. It is usually a good idea to start out with a small product range and keep on adding product lines after categorizing it properly so that onscreen clutter is avoided, according to the leading app development companies in Mumbai.

Ensure smooth and intuitive navigation: The ease of navigation is one of the most critical factors of user satisfaction and should be accorded the greatest of attention by mobile app developers. It is very important that all the menus and buttons are easy to locate and act upon. Recognizing the limitations of the small display size, it is essential for a zoom feature to be built in so that images can be expanded for a closer scrutiny to provide valuable inputs on issues like the shape, size, texture, color, material, etc. to give an experience that can mimic the physical in-store familiarity.


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Simplification of registration and checkout: A cumbersome registration process ensures that users won’t sign up even though the products may be enticing. Mobile users are always in a rush and details that are perceived to be unnecessary irritate them and cause them to abandon their shopping cart. Enable signups with email or social media credentials and provide opportunities for saving user data to enable faster transactions in the future. Of course, you need to assure users of complete safety and security of their confidential data with proper data encryption and security certificates.


Successful e-commerce app development should necessarily be customer-centric and focus on the ease of use while providing utility and security of data.

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