Trends Taking Over the Fine Jewelry Sector


Body jewelry, giant statement pieces, and choker-style necklaces are just three trends that took over the most recent Big Four Fashion Weeks. If these and other trends have one thing in common, it is their visibility, color, and sparkle. Chains, once worn fine or as part of a pendant ensemble, are bigger than ever, and when it comes to making a statement, larger, pavé-encrusted pieces are still the ultimate splurge piece, though current buyers have a much wider range of chain styles to choose from—including rectangular and square-shaped links. If you are looking for pieces to add to your collection this season and you don’t know where to start, read up on the following trends and go with pieces with a modern yet timeless appeal.

1. Stacked Jewelry
The recently published State of the Jewelry Industry Report indicates that stacked and layered looks are still hitting the industry strong. When stacking necklaces, mix and match different colored metals and add a few non-metallic necklaces made of beads, resin, glass, or gemstones. Different lengths should be worn together to highlight the beauty of each chain while celebrating the eclectic mix of colors and styles. Stacking is also big in bracelets and rings, where a mixture of textures and widths is key for a really impactful, visually appealing look.

2. Fashionable Wedding Rings
Modern wedding rings combine tradition and personalization, with more brides and grooms opting for styles with plenty of sartorial flair. Styles such as solitaire diamond rings, halos, and eternity bands will always be in vogue. However, current wedding jewelry designers are giving these pieces a new spin with features such as pavé twisted bands, crossing (X-shaped) bands, and rings in mixed metals (think white and rose gold). Brides and grooms are also expressing their personal tastes through their wedding jewelry, opting for novel materials like matte black gold, colored gemstones, and pearls with accent diamond touches.

3. Investment Jewelry
Some gemstones have a seemingly inexhaustible supply while others will soon be extremely rare. Tanzanite, obtained from a small mine in Tanzania, is one of these stones. Boasting a dark blue/violet hue and often mistaken for blue sapphires, these stones are now exclusively mined and polished in Tanzania and experts predict the stone will be fully mined within a maximum of 20 years. Considering that rarity and scarcity have always been big predictors of the viability of investment jewelry, Tanzanite is a good place to start for buyers interested in purchasing colored gemstones.

The jewelry industry is holding up in challenging economic times, with top trends including statement pieces, chains, stacked pieces, and wedding rings that reflect the wearer’s personal idea of style. Tanzanites, meanwhile, are the buzzword among investors who are after stones whose supply will run out sooner than many imagined.