Tricks You Should Know To Promote Your Music On SoundCloud

During the past times, only music industry professionals handled the promotion process, but nowadays, things are entirely different, and you should do it yourself if you wish to reach prominence.

It requires plenty of work and time that you have to spend endlessly until you reach the perspective you want. However, by implementing the appropriate plan, you will be able to grow your music by following specific terms for sharing that will fit your goals and requirements.

Therefore, creating a substantial music promotion is an excellent part of a plan that uses online tools such as email marketing, social media platforms, and digital distribution. You can use music sharing platforms such as SoundCloud, and buy SoundCloud plays  to stand out and reach more fans.

You can also create press kits, live shows and mailing lists, which are part of traditional promotion, but they are still highly efficient in general.

You should stay with us to understand the music promotion guide that will help you build your name with ease without paying too much money for it or waiting for a scout to reach you:

1.     Create Good Music

The first thing that you should do is to start a music promotion by creating listenable, appealing, and good music. It does not matter which style you prefer playing because it is vital to create music that will reach fans, which means that they should love it in the first place.

Even though promotion is the next step, but if your music does not have what it takes, you are doing everything for nothing, and you will not reach the perfection when it comes to prominence that you wanted in the first place.

Therefore, just do your best to make your music as compelling as possible before you even start to promote it. We are talking about composing and producing your tracks professionally, and mastering it so that it may appear as if experts did it.

Today, everyone can make music, but sharing lousy tracks will only make listeners avoid you, which means that you should have to invest in production as well as songwriting before you start with promotion and sharing.

When you finish the tracks you are proud of, you should give them to a few of your friends in which you have confidence to see whether they like it or not. Take their suggestions as well, because that way, you will be able to reach perfection.

Only when you are entirely satisfied and proud of your tracks, you should create a strategy that will help you promote them online.

If you wish to learn how to create a perfect song, you should click here for more information.

2.     Create Verified Social Media Pages

It is vital to create verified social media pages because that is the best way to increase your online presence in general.

Creating a solid online promotion strategy means that you should control all activities such as messaging and commenting to fans because today’s idea of promotion includes engagement as the best way to become better than before.

It is not enough to share your song as well as content on a platform and to wait until someone reaches it organically. Verification includes creating an online presence that will be trusted and transparent.

However, it is not problematic to do it because you have to be active and share things that may appeal to your fans apart from the tracks you have such as articles about the music genre you are playing as well as videos in which you will present yourself personally.

3.     Reach Out To Blogs and Playlists

Even though media became a prominent part of the force that you have to use, have in mind that you should avoid neglecting it altogether. Therefore, you should cover small music press outlets so that you can bring your music and your media personality to the broad audience.

The same thing goes for playlists because the biggest ones feature thousands of followers and daily listeners, which will increase awareness and reach that you cannot handle organically and by you.

To learn what playlist is really about, you should check out this site:

You should contact:

  • It is vital to find music blogs that are discussing and reviewing the latest releases within the music style you play. You can find them online by searching and contact them by sending your tracks so that you can see a response and whether they like it or not. Some blogs will post tracks for artists such as you so find ways how to contact them. During the conversation, you should appear natural and avoid business communication.
  • Streaming playlists are also a great addition to your promotion strategy. Even though they are not considered as media outlets per se, you will still be able to promote your music by reaching out to them. You will not be able to submit to vast playlists, but there are numerous ones that will help you move up the ladder so that you can be noticed in the future. You have to create comprehensive research on playlists that will take your tracks and try to contact the person who curates them so that you can improve your reach, awareness and fan base.