Types of Warranties When Purchasing The GMC Rear and Sierra Front Bumper

Types of Warranties When Purchasing The GMC Rear and Sierra Front Bumper

Whether doing a replacement or an upgrade of your GMC rear or GMC Sierra front bumper with an aftermarket part or an OEM one, the primary consideration is the warranty from the manufacturer. This serves as a cover from the manufacturer for a specified period once the bumper is installed to serve you right for the intended purpose of installation. As the buyer, there is a role you play too to ensure that the warrant remains active in that timeframe without voiding it. It is important to know the terms and conditions stated before signing and paying for the GMC bumpers you are purchasing. The warranty comes with various covers that are discussed below. Read them to understand the extent you are covered.

Structural warranty; this is applicable only when the bumper is used correctly under normal conditions. That is why it is upon you installing it to ensure that it is done properly and you have measures in place to care and maintain it. Damages emanating from abuse, collision, accident, the improper use or misuse of the winch, improper installation, overloading and unnecessary modifications are not covered under the structural warranty. This cover concentrates more on the structural defects emanating from the manufacturer in a particular time frame after purchase. The timelines are counted from the day of purchase, and you will be able to identify the end period of your cover. You get a defect in the time; you qualify to get a free repair or replacement of your GMC bumpers, but it is at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Coating/Finish warranty; this is usually a one year cover that protects the coated finish on the GMC rear and Sierra front bumper. The period is calculated from the purchase date, and you can know the end date. Any bumper won’t lack scratches from normal uses. That is why scratch damages from stones or chips are not included in the finish warranty. Ensure that you have installed the bumper correctly because any harm emanating from poor fixing is not covered but will only void your warranty early. Improper installation leads to the bumper rubbing against other truck parts on your GMC Sierra like the headlights, grille, and fenders. The continued vibrations automatically lead to coating failure. The exposure to normal UV is likely to result in discoloration or fading of the finish. It is regarded normal, and that is why it is not included in the warranty cover.

To prevent voiding the above warranties, the focus now should be on the care and its maintenance. It should be done regularly because of the abuse the bumpers go through even under normal use. The measures are simple and can be done by yourself at the comfort of your garage, and you don’t require to visit a specialist. It is important to wash the bumpers thoroughly at least twice a month. The frequency depends on the region you in too. If you are exposed to much chemicals and salts, consider doing it weekly to avoid rusting. On washing, ensure that they completely dry because when water stands on the surface, it causes water spots and discoloring of the bumper. After every wash, inspect it for chips, scratches, and damages from road debris and rocks. It is easy to detect such when the bumper is clean as continued scratches will weaken and damage the bumper faster. A well-maintained finish will ensure that steel under it will not be exposed to rust and the finish from peeling away.

From the above, it is important to understand the role you play on your to ensure the bumper warranty remains active throughout the given period without voiding it. Read and understand the terms well and ask for clarification where in doubt.