Understanding The basics Of Parsun Outboard Motors

Understanding The basics  Of Parsun Outboard Motors

Outboard motors were invented about a century ago and they have completely transformed the boating industry today. That’s why you can enjoy a faster and funnier boat coupled with a hustle-free experience in the waters as opposed to the olden days of sail oars and physical efforts. If you are on the lookout for Parsun outboard motors for sale it is important to understand the available options so you can choose what suits your needs. There are 2 things you must consider: the horsepower and the weight. Check out some facts about outboard motors you didn’t know.

Definition of an outboard motor

Parsun outboard engines are commonly used in small boats for propulsion. They are attached on the outer part of the boat and they consist of 3 parts namely the gear box, self-contained unit, and a propeller. The motors are small, quiet, and lightweight. In addition, they use more horsepower for every pound of weight.

Outboard motors are small, light in weight and quiet. Besides this, they require relatively more horsepower per pound of weight, as compared to most boat engines. Regardless of their complex nature, Parsun outboards are easy to operate and maneuver. The engines can be removed for storage and repairs without much trouble. Most of the motors are 2-stroke in design and are powered by gasoline, while a few of them are 4-stroke. A boat that uses an outboard motor is propelled by steering wheel that initiates rotations of an engine.


Stern drive motors

There are some of the heaviest and most powerful outboard motors. They combine a wide array of features and are usually 4-stroke, self-propelling, and can sometimes be mounted on inboard engines. Boats with stern drive engines need the outdrive for steering and rotating the outboard engine.

Advantages of Parsun outboard engines

The engines have a long list of benefits ranging from:

  • Outstanding power-weight ratio
  • Highly portable particularly the smaller designs
  • They are replaceable
  • They allow tilting to get rid of the drive system off water
  • They facilitate excellent handling
  • They do not consume the entire space of the boat
  • Unlike automotive and marinized engines, Parsun outboard motors are made from the ground up
  • They have excellent cooling systems which can self-drain during winter
  • They are more affordable than their competitors

What type of boating do you enjoy the most? Check out the modern Parsun outboard motors for sale and their reviews to make an informed choice.

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