6 Ways You Can Use Hangers To Maximize Closet Storage

6 Ways You Can Use Hangers To Maximize Closet Storage

You are going to attend an office party tomorrow and you have already decided on your outfit. The problem is that you cannot locate it. It is somewhere in the closet but not easy to find as there is a heap of outfits stashed in there. Women love hoarding clothes and this leaves a mess in their closets. You are most likely to relate to this scenario. You can easily spot and pick your pencil skirt if your closet is more organized. By the way, how many times have you tried to keep your closet more organized? 

You might have already been using clear hangers in your wardrobe. However, are you using them to increase storage and keeping things organized? If you don’t have at least a few hangers, invest in some and use them correctly. Thoughtfully picked hangers will help in sorting your wardrobe out. Hangers can put everything in order, be it your outwears, tops, bottoms, accessories or footwear

You do not need to spend much to keep items in the order. Clear hangers are easily available, affordable and convenient to use. In addition to using them inside the closet, you can use them anywhere to arrange things. So, you can remove a lot of clutter not only from inside your wardrobe but also from other places in your house. Going creative while using hangers can make clothes appealing like clothes displayed in stores. People working in those stores use hangers and rods systematically and neatly. You can replicate this in your house. This article lists some easy ways to use hangers for keeping the closet organized and at the same time, maximizing the storage capacity. 

Here are a few ways in which you can use hangers to organize your closet and maximize its storage capacity. 

Install Extra Rods 

You can use more hangers to keep more things in place. However, you need to have more rods to hang more hangers. Make sure that you have enough rods in the closet. If there is space available for one or two extra rods, install more rods. You can install rodes according to the size and shape of the wardrobe. 

Utilize The Space On The Inside Of The Door 

Are you sure that you are utilizing every nook and corner available in your closet? There is a space on the inside of the door. Have you considered utilizing it? You can fix a closet organizer on the closet’s door. You can hang empty bags, flip flops, scarves or other lightweight things on these hangers. Don’t worry. This will not damage the door. 

Showcase Jewelry 

Don’t have enough space to store lots of jewelry you have? You can use your hangers here as well. Got a few wood hangers? Good. Get some small screw hooks to attach wooden hangers. You can even decorate your hanger before hanging your bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Now, you can hang this wooden hanger on your closet door. You can easily arrange and manage your jewelry. 

One For Coats 

Don’t have enough space in your foyer for your sizeable coat stand? Don’t worry. All you need is a board and a few wooden hangers. This is enough to hang your coats. Fix a few wooden or clear hangers upside down on the board. You can use these hangers to hang coats and hats.

Belt It Out 

You just need one wooden hanger to create more storage space. Get some small cup hooks and fix them to the bottom of the hanger. Isn’t it a perfect hanger for your belts? Now, hang this hanger for your belts in the closet. This will allow you to keep your belts perfectly organized. There is no need to squeeze them into a drawer. Your belts are always easily accessible.