Various Valid Reasons for The Preference of Colorbond Roof Replacement

Colorbond Roof Replacement.

The roofs of the old houses are most likely to get damaged due to the prolonged exposure to all kinds of atmospheric hazards over several decades. Previously, the concrete roofs were commonly seen in most of the residential and commercial buildings; whereas now the colorbond steel is often preferred for roofing in modern homes. So, the colorbond roof replacement is widely recommended by the professional building contractors, while repairing the damaged roofs of their clients. Though concrete or terracotta tiles are the commonly known options for roof replacement, now the colorbond steel is gaining popularity among the house owners due to several beneficial features.

Prominent advantages of choosing colorbond roof replacement

  • Easier installation: The colorbond steel is manufactured with the latest technology and thus, it is much lighter than the concrete or terracotta tiles. Therefore, the installation of this type of roofing is much easier, as only the lightweight frames, battens and roof rafters are needed in case of colorbond roof replacement.
  • Higher durability: The colorbond steel is more durable than any kind of tiles that are commonly used on the roofs and often found to last as long as 70 years without any damage. This colorbond roof can withstand all extremities of the weather and hardly any crack is ever spotted on this type of roof surface, even after heavy snowfall or sleets. The firmer installation of this colorbond roof with steel edge flashing also contributes to its longer life.

Colorbond Roof Replacement

  • Saves the rainwater: The concrete or terracotta roof tiles absorb some parts of the rainwater falling over them, making the roof heavier that may be dangerous for the house walls. Moreover, the damp roof is more likely to be affected by molds that damage the roof sooner. On the contrary, colorbond steel does not absorb a drop of rainwater and thus, the entire volume of rainwater can be collected and used for washing and can also be used for another household works.
  • Better appearance: The colorbond steel is available in a number of colors and designs, for which the homeowners have the freedom to choose the color and any specific design of the roof according to the hues used in other parts of their houses. Hence, the colorbond roof replacement renders a more stylish and contemporary look to the entire building, which is more attractive than any other type of roofing.
  • Much simpler maintenance: Due to the high stability of colorbond steel, the roofs made of this material hardly need any lengthy maintenance procedure. Only occasional cleaning of this roof with water is enough to maintain its original glaze. The color of this steel is inbuilt and does not fade away easily, for which repainting of the roof is not needed for many years. The colorbond roof replacement is further preferred because of the easiness of brushing off the snow from the roof’s surface, in case of heavy snowfall during winters.
  • Better energy efficiency: The colorbond steel roof is usually lined underneath with a thick foil, followed by a layer of specially designed insulation blanket. Hence, the rooms covered with this kind of roofing remain cooler in summers and warmer in winters, for which the necessity of switching on to the cooling or heating appliances becomes much lesser. Thus, the colorbond roof replacement helps in saving energy and also reduces the monthly electric bills.

The low cost of the colorbond steel has made the colorbond roof replacement much cheaper and easily affordable by the common house owners. Therefore, a lot of people now prefer this option of roofing for imparting new life to their old houses for extracting the maximum benefits of using colorbond steel.