Want to Buy Instagram Followers? Here’s What Happens Next!

Instagram Followers

There are many reasons why people would like to grow their personal and business Instagram accounts. However, the whole process can be somewhat challenging. There are also several ways that you can build a substantial following, but the right process requires a lot of effort, dedication, and time. 

Basically, you need to create engaging content and come up with a viable marketing strategy that will appeal to your audience. This process must be continuous so as to enhance visibility. Nonetheless, some individuals would prefer a shortcut to win a broader audience. In this case, they resort to buying followers. 

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying Instagram followers:

The Advantages

  • Balance of competition

Newer or smaller businesses have little chances of making profits in the market, yet they have to stay afloat. In order to compete favorably with established brands, it is advisable for them to buy followers. For entrepreneurs who are just starting their ventures, it is difficult to cut an edge in the already flooded industry. 

Buying Instagram followers gives the business an advantage where it can move much faster on Instagram. This perception is ideal in the sense that it creates higher odds, which are essential for enhancing brand awareness. The end game is visibility for the business, which culminates intohigher sales.

  • Chain effect

Having a huge following improves the odds where more prospective followers gain interest to subscribe to the account. The spiral effect will result in an ever-growing pattern of followers who, in turn, subscribe to the goods and services.

Some potential customers have a mindset that quality products are offered by businesses that have a bigger audience. By buying more followers, you will nurture their interest and lure them to subscribe to your brand.

  • Minimal effort and time

It is often challenging to build an Instagram account that has a significant following. The process is sometimes hectic because of the efforts required to engage and create engaging content. In some cases, your efforts may end up in the drain when you fail to convince even a single follower. The remedy to this situation is to buy followers to save some costs and time. It is a simple way to enhance the growth of the business.

The Disadvantages

  • No engagement

While you invest some money to win yourself a huge chunk of followers, most of them are not interested in your posts; hence they will never comment or like any of your content. Some of them would care less even if you contact them. Thus, despite having a huge following, your account will still remain very dormant.

  • You are likely to be blacklisted by brands

When you have many follows, more brands will want to work with you.  If you buy too many followers, you will probably be regarded as an influencer. However, your contractswill mostly come to a halt when they realize that your posts don’t have the expected engagement and you can use this instagram engagement calculator for measuring how well the engagement is a profile. This means that the brands will not attain their targeted sales or traction, which will ruin your reputation.

Organic Ways to Build Followers

  • Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

There are genuine users on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. After creating your content, you can promote it using contests and events created on these pages. Real followers will like and follow your account. Alternatively, share your Insta stories with other accounts, especially business groups.

  • Use geolocation tags

If you are posting from a popular place, do not forget to tag your posts along with your location. People close to you will be willing to participate in whatever event or story you will be posting. Users are fond of subscribing to products which they can easily access.


The choice to buy followers or not depends on you, but it is essential to weigh in the gains and consequences before deciding to purchase followers. It is not such a good practice because, in some cases, Instagram can close down your account. The long term procedure of building your account is the only sure way of keeping the account. And sometimes making your own content can be difficult due to any possible reason you may think of, so you can also download instagram posts or videos that are general and not specific to the brand who uploaded that. Then you can upload the same content, use hashtags for likes and attract the audience the better way possible. It may take longer, but the value of organic followers is incomparable. Hence stay patient and build a credible and lasting business.