The dos and don’ts s for washing your face in a proper way

The dos and don’ts s for washing your face in a proper way

This might seem to be a straightforward and easy routine in life. But to wash your face deserves a sense of attention along with time. To do it the right way makes a lot of difference between a glory skin and acne breakout. Many people are of the perception that you need to wash your face to remove the make up or dirty. But in reality you have to use the top scar face wash and to wash your face a couple of time during the day. Still the amount of times you wash your face is less important than the way you plan to be doing it.

No matter whatever is your skin type a night cleaning routine is important for your face. Once you remove the debris and dirt from the skin it helps in overnight regeneration process.

Remove all the makeup in a proper way

Before you start cleansing use a gentle makeup remover all the more so before heading to bed. People are prone to remove the toxins overnight and if they happen to be clogged everything is going to be backed and replicate a sense of congestion. This trend applies to all the skin types even if you have got a resilient outer layer.

When it is the clogged pores you can opt for the double cleansing method. This two -step routine relies on the use of a natural oil in order to remove the dirt and to wash away the oil go on to face a mild face wash.

Take out the generic bar of soap

Till they are specially formulated bar soaps alter the PH balance of your skin. This paves way for yeast formation and growth of bacteria. Cleaning balms are especially formulated for delicate skin. A feeling exists among the people they should be looking for foam based ones as they feel that if it does not foam no type of cleaning activity occurs. But foaming is known to strip the skin of its essential oils. Here the top scar face wash might be a blessing in disguise.

Stick to lukewarm water

Be aware of the fact that pores are not doors. Hot water is not going to open them and cold water is not even going to shut them down. A basic fact is that water temperature is known to cause irritation so it is better to stick on to a middle ground. In your reflection you do not want to see a refurbished skin when you are looking.

Even there is no point of stopping at the chin. The reason being the neck or the jawline are even prone to debris build up. When you are giving you is a face cleansing massage you have to gentle your fingers in an upward motion so as to allow the skin to remain tight and be naturally lifted. The massage component does help with the relaxation aspect. This provides the much needed break to your muscle from a stress prone day.

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