5 Water Heater Issues which Need Professional Repair

water heater repair

Generally, a water heater is very reliable and rarely present any matters to resolve. But once they start to show their age, it’s recommended to find professional help rather than to handle it through your own creativity. Some common issues do show up but its most probably due to mishandling or a manufacturing defect. The water heater has a different range of holding the quantity of water which starts from 30 gallons to as much as 80 gallons. If you suspect any damage in your water heater, here are some few steps you need to do before seeking professional help. Remember, these steps can only be implemented if you know the location of the valves and/or switches connected to the power supply, gas supply, and water supply.

  • Turn the power supply off with the switch connected to the circuit breaker. You may also remove the fuse on the circuit.
  • Turn off the gas supply by rotating the pilot control valve to the pilot option on the water gas valve.
  • Stop the water supply to the heater by the shut-off valve connected to the cold water pipe. The main source is the cold water pipe which unless turned off isn’t considered to be a complete process. Do not turn off the water supply until the power and gas supply is stopped.

Now that you have completed the steps before a professional water heater repair in Chandler comes your way, ascertain the issues from the following.

No hot water

Detecting the lack of temperature in the water is very easy and irksome at the same time. The most common problem with every water heater is it starts pouring out cold water without any action from your side. It’s a rare issue but the most common out of the list. If the water doesn’t even warm a bit, it’s time to call the professional heater repair without any delay but only after implementing the above primary steps.

Inadequately hot water

The problem is not very easy to detect but you can certainly notice the difference. Sometimes your shower starts with hot water but then starts rolling out cold water without any command. There are several issues behind the heater not meeting your temperature needs. The first step is to check the temperature setting. If everything is normal, then the heating element must be damaged or disconnected which requires professional help to repair. The reason behind no hot water and inadequately hot water might or might not be identical.

Unusual noise

Sometimes you hear some strange noises when you switch on the water heater. There is nothing to worry about as it can be repaired quite easily. The issue behind is the excessive buildup of debris at the bottom causing it to overheat which results in boiling water. Subsequently, you hear the noise of low rumbling or popping noise which is definitely the bubbling of water. The other noise can be of hissing which reflects a leak in the tank.

A strange rusty smell from the water

Sometimes you witness a discoloration in water which also smells like a spoiled egg. The main reason behind is the corrosion of the pipe carrying the water or it might be the buildup bacteria in the pipe or the tank itself. The straight possible solution is to change the pipe or have the inside of the tank tested from a water heater repair service in Phoenix.

A leak around the base

The supply of water must be totally subdued with no leaks in the pipes or anywhere around the base of the heater. The reason behind leakage can be faulty temperature and pressure or a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, this defect cannot be repaired and the unit must be replaced as soon as possible by contacting the manufacturing company.