What are the different types of courses in LPU distance education?

What are the different types of courses in LPU distance education

The abbreviation for the LPU is Lovely Professional University which was established in the year 2005. It is located in Punjab India. Most of the people are interested to choose their distance education in the LPU. In this article, you will know about the different types of the lpu distance education courses.

What are the types of programs offered by the LPU distance education?

The lpu distance education courses are offered the following programmes. They are given by,

Management: It is aimed at the developing analytical and leadership skills. It will provide you sufficient flexibility to fulfill your professional commitments.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration):

It is designed to give you a broad knowledge of the functional management and interconnection in a particular area. The objectives are an improvement of understanding of the various business functions, development of the critical enquiry, analytical skills, logical thinking, and general education skills in the management, IT, and communication skills.

MBA (Master of Business Administration):

This course is designed for the students who will aspire to be the managers and business leaders of the future. It aims to impact the self-confidence, skills, and necessary knowledge that lead to the successful management in the business environment.

CA or IT:

These courses are aimed at providing the comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental concepts of the computer system and enabling you to sharpen your technical skills.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications):

The bachelor’s degree is the first degree to the student in their academic year. The objectives are to provide sound knowledge in the key areas of computer applications, provide skills in the software industry, e-commerce, banking, sector, government sector and provide practically oriented learning.

MCA (Master of Computer Applications):

It is one of the professional degrees of the lpu distance education coursesIt is designed to meet the IT requirements of the organizations. The objectives are you will take up the positions like managers in any field, programmers, system designers, and systems analysts. This is specifically designed for the impact of knowledge and training in the modern trends in the field of computer applications.

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce):

It will offer a variety of job opportunities in the field of human resources entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, marketing, and management consulting. 

M.Com (Master of Commerce):

It is designed for you to aspire to be accounting experts and successful business leaders in the future. 

B.A (Bachelor of Arts):

The objective of the B.A is to strengthen your critical and creative thinking of the broad range of social, professional courses, political and historical studies. It is a broad and flexible education for the students.

M.A (Master of Arts):

It is one of the master arts degrees. It has a variety of courses like economics, mathematics, English, history, sociology, political science, Hindi, and education. You can choose your wish and start learning.

Library and information sciences: This is designed to educate the students in the philosophy of the basic principles, fundamental laws, basic knowledge, and professional ethics.

  • DLIS (Diploma in Library and Information Sciences)
  • MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences)
  • BLIS (Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences)

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