What are the Different Types of Male Jewelry?

Male Jewelry

If you want to add a style statement to your manly look then you have to wear male jewelry. There are many types of jewelry that men can wear both regularly and during special occasions. 

Gold and silver jewelry are very common that almost all men wear. However, the latest trend of the men fashion industry is black jewelry. This type of jewelry is now a day available in many designs. The most popular designs are the black lion necklace and black anchor necklace. 

Now, let’s check out the different types of jewelry for men.

  1. Wedding Bands 

Every man wears a wedding band after his marriage as a bond and symbol of married life. This is the most common jewelry that has been around for over half a century. Mostly wedding bands are made of platinum, silver, and gold. They usually come in simple designs without any embellishment. Wedding band is the jewelry that no man can ignore. They all have to wear it after marriage as a symbol of their married life. 

  1. Watches 

A watch is an everyday functional piece that works well with any type of outfit. Watches come in metal and wood designs. Metal watches are very common but wooden watches are new in the market. Wooden watches are for those who want to keep a natural look. You can also buy a watch with black strap and a silver timepiece. The combination of black and gold is trending everywhere. 

  1. Cufflinks & Shirt Studs 

Cufflinks and shirt studs are used to hold the cuffs and shirt front in place. Studs are mostly used with black tie attire. Cufflinks require double cuffs only and they come in different types of material. Mostly metal cufflinks are used for flaunting a formal look. Choose a cufflink with novelty design to wear in the office.

  1. Rings 

Rings are the most common jewelry for both men and women. Rings come in many forms such as class rings, decorative rings, championship rings, and fraternal rings. Class and fraternal rings are best to wear at any place. However, wear championship rings only during special celebrations with friends. 

  1. Label Pins 

Label pins come in the ornamental form and collectible form. Label pins are in the fashion industry form very long but now they have gained high popularity. They come in many designs, shapes, and colors. Label pins were originally worn by the communist leaders to display loyalty. 

  1. Bracelets

Bracelets are also very commonly worn men jewelry. They are decorative, stylish, and functional as well. Ornamental bracelets were worn by many royal men from many years. Nowadays, people mostly wear bracelets linked with any special cause to support any movement or product. 

  1. Necklaces 

Necklaces are functional, decorative, and religious as well. Some men wear them for style while others wear to support their religion. Necklaces are very easy to carry and even you can easily hide them under your shirt if you do not want to show at any specific place. Pendant necklaces are best to wear every day and they come in many designs such as lion and Buddha. 

  1. Earrings 

Earrings are the most appreciated and accepted piercing for men. Earnings have gained wide popularity for the last 30 years. Earrings are mostly worn in small cities with smaller communities and conservative businesses. They are small in size and can be easily removed anytime. 

  1. Religious Jewelry 

Religious jewelry is also very common among men. They are available in the form of prayer beads, medallion necklaces, rosary beads, and scapulars. People wear religious jewelry according to their faith in religions. They show your belief and respect in religion. 

On the Ending Note

Among all the above-mentioned types of jewelry, black jewelry for men is trending these days. Therefore, we highly recommend wearing black jewelry. Make sure that you pair the jewelry items rightly with your outfits.