What are the different types of MD specializations?

MD specializations

Believe it or not, but running to your family doctor even for that simple eye twitch may not be a great idea in this day and age.

The rising trend of complicated lifestyles is making room for new ailments to show up each day.

This has made it quite difficult for General Physicians holding an MBBS degree to diagnose andtreat the different version ofproblems with the patients.

Which is why earning a specialization in a specific branch of medicine becomes a necessary aspect, both for the doctors and patients.

Continue reading the rest of the blog to learn about the major specializations that you can top up your medical degree with, by choosing an MD program offered by our Caribbean medical school.

General Surgery

You get to specialize in surgery for all bodilyorgans of the.

Besides determining the nature of the injury, we will also train you onprovidingpost-operative care.


Psychiatry deals with the diagnoses and treatment of mental disorders. 

Caribbean medical schools lay emphasis onthe application of psychological techniques(Psychotherapy), as well asthe implementation of medical therapies (Psychiatry).

Anesthesiologyor Anesthetic

Completing this specialization will make you proficient at administering anesthetics to patients undergoing a surgical operation.

This huge responsibility involves examining the patients to determine their capacity to withstand the shock of anesthesiaandoperation.


Here you will learn to diagnose and treat diseases related to our nervous systemandbrain.

You can also move on to gain expertise in Neuro-surgery.


As an Eye Specialist,you will be treatingdisorders and diseases of the eyes.


This specialization focuses on the treatment of newborn childrenandbabies.


This medical specialization will teach you to investigate the cause of various diseases and churn out possibilities for their prevention. 


This lets you become a heart specialist and treats diseases related to ourcirculatory systemandheart.


You will specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin issues.


You will learn to take care of pregnant women from conception through delivery.

This course mainly focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the female reproduction system. 


It teaches you how to deals with diseases related to the skeletal system.

This branch of medicine focuses on the prevention of disorders and correction of deformitiesin tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, cartilage, all bones and bony tissue.


This postgraduate medical program delivers knowledge of diseasestreatment related to the gastrointestinal tract.


You will learn to treats disorders of ear, nose and throat

If these super specializations have spiked your interest even a tiny bit, then please don’t wait any longer!

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