What are the rugs and why they are popular for home decor

attractive colors of the rugs

Rugs are the thick woven material weaved with polypropylene or fiber and extended on specific areas of the floor. Rugs are manufactured in various sizes and shapes viz as rectangular, circular, oval, elliptical, star, octagonal, etc. The various designs and attractive colors of the rugs make it the perfect item for home decor. The various themes of the rug are preferred for enhancing the beauty of the room and for interior decorating. Rugs insulate the floor and so in winter season when the floor is cold, keeping the feet on the rug with normal temperature gives the warmer feeling. Rugs are available in different sizes and shapes. So, before you consider the style of best Australian rugs for home decor it is important to gather knowledge about various types of rugs.

  • Polypropylene rugs:- These are the rugs made of polypropylene materials in different shapes. They are easy to wash with mild soap and water. Being thinner than wool rugs, they are soft too. These types of rugs are worth purchasing from the budget point of view. Comparatively within the less budget, you will get unique and better style rugs. These rugs are fade-resistant and hence perfect choice for high traffic locations like as children’s playroom, dining room, entryways etc. One of the major drawbacks of this rug is that they do not decompose easily and hence are not environment friendly.
  • Silk rugs:- These rugs are made of silk materials and are generally thin, fine and very soft to touch. The luxurious shine of these rugs is unmatched by other fibers. These rugs are difficult to clean and hence suitable for low traffic areas like a bedroom. The silk rugs are available in various exotic designs and different curvilinear patterns. Hence, these are best for interior designs. They go slightly high in price and thus are not budget-friendly but instead you will get quality.
  • Cotton rugs:- These rugs are cost-effective and budget-friendly. They are made available in cheap price compared to wool or silk rugs. Being soft and spongy to touch, these rugs are the most preferred one. The various attractive designs and modern trending style of these rugs will allure your eyes. Though it is ultimate for home decor and will make your guest to appreciate you too there is a major drawback to this rug. These rugs does not last longer for years and so it is only suitable for one who wishes to change their rugs depending on the seasons and mood.
  • Wool rugs:- Wool rugs are hand weaved and takes time in its preparation. The complete creative and artistic quality of the weaver can be seen in the unique design of the rug. The hand-loomed wool rugs are made of natural fibers whereas the machine-made wool rugs are made of synthetic fibers. True wool rugs are most expensive because of the effort goes into designing and building them but you will get excellent quality. These wool rugs are robust and hence are best suitable for high traffic locations like the entryway, playroom, dining room, etc. It holds color easily and can be easily cleaned up. You can see wholesale area rugs deals in USA with Furnish my place for bigger needs.

The rugs create variety in the room and make it exotic. The new designs and multi-color pattern of the rugs give an entirely different look to the room and that is why the rugs are preferred for home decor. The so much of items in the room kept in an organized way still lack beauty without beautiful rug. The different style of rug indicates the location of the room and its specialties. For instance, the kid rugs are perfect for kids living room and there is a sense of excitement and happiness when your kid loves to see it, learn from educational rugs. The decor of the room reflects your personality and living standard. Your guest would love to see the home beautifully decorated with designed rugs at specific places. Overall, the rug makes the look of room awesome and is thus popular for home decor.