What Do Doctors Have To Say About Wearing Shapewear

What Do Doctors Have To Say About Wearing Shapewear

Wearing shapewear is the best way to conceal “rolls” and “muffin top” that can make you look unattractive. Body shapers can easily make your body look slimmer and firmer and also keep any kind of discomfort at bay. If you want to make your body look smaller and reduce your dress size then you should wear these slimming, stretchy undergarments. Modern shapewear is completely different from the Victorian-era corsets. There are no tight lacings and metal panels. Victorian-era corsets were known for narrowing the ribcage or relocating the internal organs. When taken to extremes, wearing those corsets was also responsible for causing the internal organs to function slowly.  

Before you Google “shapewear store near me” and place your order, you should listen to what doctors have to say about wearing body shapers. Wearing body shapers with some common sense can help in slimming your waist by 2 to 4 inches.          

Watch Skin Reaction

Don’t forget to consider the make and type of material used, especially if you have some skin conditions. Some fabrics can cause skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, avoid wearing a garment that can worsen your skin problems. Sometimes, chemicals are used to add specific properties to the fabric such as stretching. When the fabric starts causing irritation or allergy, your skin becomes chafed. It often turns red and itchy. This can eventually lead to skin infections. If the shapewear has started causing skin problems then stop wearing it and wait until your skin is healed. Once again Google “shapewear store near me” and try another brand. You can also try a larger size. Most importantly, clean your body-slimmer regularly. No other garment touches your skin more than a body slimmer. Synthetic materials are the major causes of skin irritation.   

Not Too Tight 

When you are shopping for shapewear, make sure that you are choosing the right size. When the shapewear is too tight around your hip area, it can restrict the flow of blood to the lower legs. So, if it is causing discomfort, you should try a larger size. If you prefer wearing ultra-tight shapewear, keep in mind that the wrong size can compress nerves, especially if you are thin. If you start experiencing tingling sensation or numbness, your shapewear is causing poor blood circulation. This can cause swelling in your legs. 

If wearing a body shaper leaves marks, it’s too tight and you should try a larger size. Always choose the appropriate size for your comfort and better results. As shapewear is stretchy, the right size does not cause any permanent damage to your organs. However, if the garment is extremely tight, wearing it for a long time can squeeze your digestive tract. This can cause acid reflux. Doctors always advise acid reflux patients to wear looser clothing. Wearing poor-fitting shapewear after you eat can cause gassiness and bloating. The air you naturally swallow and the gas produced during digestion cannot escape properly.

If you are a woman above the 50s, tight-fitting shapewear can worsen your pelvic organ prolapse due to increased pressure inside the belly. This causes a serious health condition as pelvic organs drop down and press into the vagina. 

Use Common Sense

Don’t wear shapewear that is irritating your skin. Change the brand or fabric if it causes redness and itching. Change the size if it leaves marks. Avoid wearing shapewear, especially ultra-tight shapewear for extremely long periods of time. Don’t sleep in your shapewear.

If you want to wear body shaper then feel free to try it. Body shapers are more comfortable and flexible than jeans. You can easily conceal flaws in your figure and get in the desired shape. The right size can actually promote blood circulation. Shapewear made from the right material can actually be good for the health of your skin. 

In a nutshell, wearing shapewear is good for your body and confidence. You just have to make smart choices when you search “shapewear store near me” on the web.

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