What Is A Credit Card And How Many Ways Can Use Your Credit Card?

What Is A Credit Card And How Many Ways Can Use Your Credit Card?

A credit card is the lifeline of all. You can use it for multiple purposes and fulfill the desires. Your desires would be shopping, traveling, dining, an end number of wishes. It’s the best creation in the financial world because you can purchase any favorite goodies without thinking twice. Pick your small plastic money and enjoy every moment.

Do you like the benefits of the product, before can grab the advantages should check credit card eligibility criteria, KYC, and income factor? These are your key factors and also good to know before credit card apply.

Eligibility Criteria For A Credit Card

  • You should know few things such as you should be according to the bank’s norm
  • A regular source of income
  • And a spotless previous history

KYC Factor For A Credit Card

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Income proof
  • And a recent passport size photograph

Now you can easily know the procedure of credit card apply online method. For an online, visit the official site, enter own information, upload KYC with a recent passport size photograph, share registered email ID or mobile number.

If you want to apply through an offline process, then visit the nearest bank branch, fill the physical application form, share KYC and registered email ID or mobile number. If all documents fulfill as per bank’s norm, then within 2 to 3 weeks can receive your product on postal address.

Find Out own Credit Card According To Your Needs

In the market, you can have an end number of products according to your needs and requirements. Whenever you want something and don’t have that much cash with you can use, your product and fulfill it immediately. The credit card uses it from the emergency situation to shopping to make payment.

Top banks can give you a product with extra cash back, reward points, gift vouchers, etc. You can select any bank’s credit card as per your requirements.

Know The Easiest Procedure To Make Credit Card Bill Payment

The bank can provide you two options an online or offline. You can pick any of the options and make credit card bill payment on time. For the online payment, should register yourself. After registration, you can operate your site through User ID and password. Let’s know the online payment options.

Net banking: If you have a savings account in the same bank, then smoothly can pay bills. It’s secure and time-saving process.

Mobile banking App: Net banking and mobile banking App portals and features are same, need to login the site with a different User ID and password.

NEFT: When want to make credit card bill payment but don’t have an account in the same bank, then use national electronic fund transfer facility and pay dues on time.

Know The Offline Procedure To Submit Bills

Cash Payment: Visit the nearest bank branch and pay all utility bills through cash.

Cheque Payment: Fill mandate parts in blank cheque and drop into ATM.

When you have an issue related to your product want to share feedback or complaints then immediately call on toll-free customer care number and take a prompt response.

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